Why Do People Renovate Bathrooms in Parkwood, WA? Update Old Bathroom, Improve Safety & More

A bathroom remodel can increase the value of your home and also increase your quality of living, which will make you a more cheerful homeowner and make your bathroom experience more enjoyable. There are a handful of reasons to make the decision and remodel your bathroom and Straight Up Remodeling outlines some of the most common below.

Why Should You Remodel Your Bathroom?

Unsafe Bathroom – It may come to the conclusion that your bathroom is no longer safe to use. This is a clear sign that something needs to be done much sooner than later. A simple way to solve your safety problem is to remodel your bathroom. Rather than just fixing the issues that need to be dealt with, it can also be a great time to change the entire look of the bathroom if you are already going through the trouble of making some major repairs.
Mold Growth in Bathroom – Many times homeowners are faced with the unwanted reality that there is mold growing in their home. If mold has made its way behind walls, showers or underneath sinks and other fixtures, then it is time to rip out the old, clean out the mold and remodel your bathroom. Mold and mildew are a nightmare and it would be simple for you to remodel your bathroom by starting over with a clean slate.
Restoring Bathroom After a Flood, Water Leak or Fire – Other home owners are faced with a more necessary remodel from the result of broken floor tiles, shower doors and other fixtures or even as a result of flood or fire damage. Bathrooms are the most common place in the home to have a plumbing problem. If you are beginning to have too many problems with plumbing, like a leaky faucet or dirty water-rather than contacting the plumber, you may consider remodeling your bathroom. Replacing pipes and faucets can become a heavily involved process, so why not just revamp the entire bathroom instead.
Updating Old Bathroom – Some homeowners find that they are bored with the current fixtures, color schemes or shower design that is in their bathroom. The most popular reason that homeowners decide to remodel their bathroom is due to the fact that it is completely outdated. The style of the bathtub, the wall tile in the shower, the color or texture of the counter tops or the shower door-these are all aspects of your bathroom that could easily be over 20 years old. A bathroom is probably the most frequently used room in your home and you want to love every room in your home. Remodeling your bathroom will change the way you feel about your home and make a more comfortable environment.

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