Where Do You Start when Remodeling a Bathroom in Tracyton, WA? Preparation, Budget, Process & More

Are you looking to start a major bathroom remodel? When planning a bathroom remodel there are many aspects of a remodel that a homeowner must consider. When breaking down a bathroom remodel, a homeowner can begin to feel a bit overwhelmed and things can quickly get out of control. Straight Up Remodeling will share the basics of a bathroom remodel and how to plan and execute a successful bathroom remodeling for your home.

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for My Bathroom Renovation?

The first stage of any bathroom remodel includes proper preparation and planning. When you are planning a bathroom remodel you will need to plan out your total budget, the bathroom redesign, and the materials you will need. To properly plan and prepare for a bathroom remodel it can help to seek professional aid. You will you want a professional contractor to handle a major bathroom remodeling. Not only will the work be of professional quality, but they can also help you determine the total budget, redesign the bathroom to your liking and help with gathering materials. To avoid any surprises, and to ensure a smoother bathroom remodel, you will want to take your time to plan out all aspects of your bathroom remodel.

How Much Should I Budget for Bathroom Remodel?

When remodeling a bathroom you must prepare your budget. A major bathroom remodel, on average, costs around $10,000. This figure includes labor, design, and materials. To determine your bathroom’s remodel budget, you can create a basic list of the of the total cost of the remodel. An example of a basic list for a bathroom remodel may include:
• Flooring
• Tile and other Materials
• Plumbing and Light Fixtures
• Paint and Painting Materials
• Bathtub or Bathtub Resurfacing
• Cabinets and Hardware
• Designing Contractor and Labor
For those who may want to do their own remodeling, you will need to also include tools for the project. Unless you already own all of the tools needed for a remodeling, your project can greatly increase in cost.

What is the Process of Remodeling a Bathroom?

When starting a bathroom remodel, your first step is demolition. You will remove all of the materials that aren’t staying. This may include removing the tile, fixtures, and even removing the drywall. Once the bathroom has been cleared out, you will, of course, need to clean up to prepare a bathroom for the remodel. If you are changing the layout of bathroom, you may need to change or adjust the plumbing and electrical system in the bathroom. This would be the next step. If the walls are exposed from your demolition process, you will want to inspect plumbing and electrical systems to ensure they are not compromised. Next you will put up the drywall and install the new fixtures. The cabinets and vanity can then be installed. Tile work, followed by texturing the wall is often done next. This will be followed by the painting. The final touch ups are last to ensure the bathroom remodeling is finished.

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To ensure your bathroom remodel goes smoothly, consider seeking a professional remodeling service. When you want a professional bathroom remodeling service, contact Straight Up Remodeling and schedule our services today.

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