When Remodeling a Family Friendly Bathroom, What Should You Do First in Bangor, WA? Budget, Goals & More

Anytime that you start thinking about remodeling any area of your home, it can be an overwhelming to know where to start. When you remodel your home it is not something that you plan on doing again any time soon so you want to make sure that you get it right. The pressure begins to set in as you start thinking about all of the moving parts of the project. Today Straight Up Remodeling is going to give you some tips today on how you can make sure that your bathroom remodeling project turns out just the way you have envisioned.

Budget for Bathroom Remodel

With any type of remodeling project you will want to start with your budget. Knowing how much money you have to spend on your project determines what you can do. You will want to start your project with a budget in mind so that you do not over or under plan your remodeling project.

Why is Bathroom Remodeling Important to You?

The next step is to start thinking about what you are trying to accomplish with your remodel. Many people are trying to update their space with their remodeling project. Making the space more useable is also a common reason for remodeling. You may be expanding your space to accommodate your family. Think about what your goals are before you start designing.

How Do You Make a Family Friendly Bathroom?

Once you know what your goals are you will want to have everyone that uses that bathroom give you some input. You may think that you know exactly what your family wants or needs in their bathroom but you may be surprised to find that there are things that they want in the room that you did not think of. Getting everyone’s input will help ensure that everyone loves the finished product.

Bathroom Design & Layout

When you start the nitty gritty parts of your design think about what you need included in your layout. Most bathrooms have a sink, toilet, and a bathtub. Do you want a shower? Do you want an extra sink? If you have girls that will be using the bathroom to get ready every day you may consider putting a vanity in your design. In recent years free standing bathtubs have become increasingly popular. You may decide that you want to add this design element to your design.

Storage Solutions for Bathroom

You will also want to think about what kind of storage that you will need in your bathroom. Designing a layout that fits both your personal style and allows you to have all the storage space that your family needs can get tricky. Anytime Remodeling would be happy to give you some suggestions that we have seen work well in other homes that we have done.

Bathroom Lighting

In addition to all of the tips listed above you should also think about lighting in your bathroom. The bathroom lighting is different than any areas in your home for a few reasons. You need to be able to see well so that you can apply make-up, tweeze your eyebrows, do your hair, and more.

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Once you are ready to start your remodeling process give Straight Up Remodeling a call. We cannot wait to help you build the bathroom of your dreams!

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