What Should You Not Do when Remodeling a Bathroom in Poulsbo, WA? Neglecting Storage Space & More

When planning a bathroom remodel you can make a lot of mistakes. Some of them can ruin the entire project. Other mistakes can have long lasting effects that you will be stuck with. To ensure that your bathroom remodel goes smoothly and you get the results you want, there are some mistakes you will want to avoid. Straight Up Remodeling will share some of the common mistakes made when remodeling a bathroom to better help you attain a successful bathroom remodel.

Poor Bathroom Remodel Planning

Planning a bathroom remodel is one of the first and most important steps of any remodeling project. When planning out a remodeling project you must calculate your budget and always give enough room for error. Next calculate the cost of materials and labor. However, there is also additional costs and time of designing a new layout if you go that far in your remodel. Redesigning a bathroom’s layout will alter drainage system, plumbing and electrical. If you plan to change the bathrooms layout there will be much more to considered. When remodeling the bathroom that must be planned out as well. For major bathroom remodels it helps to seek the aid of a professional. They can help plan out, provide material lists and a full estimate of the bathroom remodel cost.

Awkward Space in Bathroom

When redesigning a bathroom’s layout most people don’t really understand the space and size of their bathroom. Sometimes a homeowner may invest in a luxury bath tub that doesn’t fit in the bathroom. Perhaps too small of a bathroom sink was installed. There are a number of elements that goes inside a bathroom. It is important to make sure everything fits in the space you have. To avoid costly mistakes, make sure to do all of the math.

Not Enough Bathroom Storage

Do not sacrifice storage for more room in the bathroom. For a more spacious bathroom many homeowners will take out cabinets and other storage spaces think they do not need. It is not until it is gone that you realize how much storage was really needed. There are plenty of items that are stored in a bathroom. Do not give up storage for a bit more space. With modern designs, you can have a number of creative storage options.

Neglecting to Improve Bathroom Lighting

When designing your bathroom do not miss your chance to improve the lighting in the bathroom. In the bathroom you want go with lighting that helps you put yourself together for work, a date, or simply for the day. Often bathrooms have bad lighting and some people find they are taking a shower in the dark. Make sure to improve your bathroom lighting during the next remodel and it will not disappoint.

Choosing Improper Materials

When remodeling a bathroom make sure to use the proper materials for the bathroom. For example, if you need to replace the outlets make sure to use GFCI outlets as they provide enhanced safety around water. If you have to reinstall drywall make sure to use green board which a specially treated drywall that prevents it from soaking in moisture. When remodeling a bathroom make sure to use material that can tolerate the moisture and humidity.

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When remodeling your bathroom and you want to ensure you don’t make these common mistakes, contact Straight Up Remodeling today.

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