What Kind of Bench Can I have Installed in My Shower During a Bathroom Remodel in East Port Orchard, WA?

Do you want to add a shower seat to your bathroom? Shower seats are growing more and more popular and are not just for the elderly. Many people like a place to sit down. After a long day it feels nice to take a hot shower and get off your feet. Ladies love the shower seat to help them shave and of course, the disabled or elderly find them essential. If you want to add a shower seat to your home’s showers and want them not only to function but look great, Straight Up Remodeling will share what you need to know about shower seats.

Should I Put a Built-In Bench in My Shower?

When you want to add a shower seat to the shower, do not get one of the portable seats. They look terrible and do not provide the best support. In some cases, they prove to be a bigger hazard. Instead you can have the shower seat built directly into the shower wall. A built-in not only provides a solid structure that will not move or slip, but they can also be designed as big or small as the homeowner wishes. There are a lot of elements you can add when doing a built-in shower seat.

Do You Need a Grab Bar Placed in a Shower?

When you have a built in shower seat you can strategically place grab bars. For the elderly, grab bars are needed to help them stand and get balanced. You can have a grab bar installed along the side of the shower seat and two other grab bars directly in front of the seat. If they need help standing up, a person can reach for the bar in front of them or use the bar along the side of the seat to help them stay balanced. When you are investing in a built-in shower seat, do not neglect the grab bars.

Add a Custom Seat to Shower

When you want a built-in shower seat you can make it as small or as big as you like. Regardless as to the shower’s size, you can design a shower seat to fit the space. For a large shower you can make a seat the length of the entire shower. You can have the seat built in the shower’s corner making a curved corner seat. You can get creative on how you want your shower seat designed and built and make sure it fits your shower correctly.

Should a Shower Be Open or Enclosed?

When you are redesigning your shower and you want to add a built-in seat, it can make the shower look small. To help make the shower area not feel and look too squished, keep the shower open with glass enclosures or leave it open and use a shower curtain. When redesigning the shower and when adding a shower seat, you will find glass enclosures will be like the icing on the cake. The glass enclosure will make the shower look more elegant, and with the space of the seat used, the open glass will help make the shower feel more open and bigger.

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You can make a built-in shower seat look really sharp when the right elements are planned out. If you want to remodel your home’s bathrooms consider adding a built-in shower seat. For quality bathroom remodeling services and more, contact Straight Up Remodeling today.

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