What is the Best High End Kitchen Sink for a Remodel in Erlands Point-Kitsap Lake, WA

Sinks are probably among the top-used elements in the kitchen and one of the most overlooked considerations where most do not give too much thought to. Where the sink is practical, it can have some additional advantages that make your kitchen activities flow more efficiently, among other benefits. Today, we at Straight Up Remodeling would like to share some of the better high-end kitchen sinks ideal for your luxury kitchen remodeling project.

What are the Different Ways to Mount a Kitchen Sink?

Sinks are available in many materials and sizes and generally have three basic mounting style. These mounting styles include the following:
Farmhouse or Apron Front Mount: Rather than adhered to the countertop, these sinks are usually supported from below the countertop. Under mounts, drop ins, or their edges flush with the countertop are the methods of installation. This option is growing with popular preferences and often used in more traditional kitchen styles.
Top or Drop in Mount: The rim around the sink holds it in place with adhesive and as the simplest installation, the sink literally drops into a hole in the countertop. This mounting style is generally installed on solid-surfaced countertops.
Bottom or Under Mount: The sink is installed under the counter with the lip secured against the bottom of the countertop after a hole is cut in the countertop and unlike the drop-in mount. This option is used with some kind of material that leaves a clean edge when cut such countertops made from stone or butcher block.
Though personal taste and preference comes into play, the drop in are not as aesthetically preferred as the under mount and farmhouse style.

What Different Materials are Kitchen Sinks Made Of?

Sink materials for your luxury kitchen have quite a few options, below are a few ideas.
Cast Iron: Resisting stains and scratches, along with being easy to clean and not likely to show water spots, the bright, glossy enamel finish, which is actually melted glass fused to iron, is very gorgeous and can last for decades.
Copper: A rather bold statement is the use of copper sinks. With each piece having its own unique bold patina, they are usually handmade by artisans. They are a natural anti-bacterial agent and the high-quality copper sinks are long-lasting and resistant to rust. Although susceptible to scratching, which some argue only adds to the unique characteristic, the copper sinks are resistant to stains and discoloration.
Fireclay: Frequently used in farmhouse sinks, the fireclay has a timeless, charming look. These types of ceramic sinks aren’t carved but molded at extreme temperatures. White and off white are the most common color, but unlike other options, the fireclay sink is limited to color, styles, and finishes. Fireclay is a little more delicate than other selections, and is prone to cracks and destruction, such as chipping from a dropped pot or glass impact.
Granite and Quartz Composite: With a resin filler, these sinks are made by crushed granite or quartz combined. Generally, granite tends to hold up better than quartz, but both are durable and highly resistant to stains and scratching.
Stainless Steel: Another more popular use for farmhouse sinks, are the stainless steel. The gauge of the metal should be considered because the thicker the metal reflects the lower the gauges and thicker metals reduces the sound pollution.

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You do not have to limit your bowls either. Many people are finding having multiple bowls, perhaps a sink in the island and a double bowl sink along the counter offers more efficiency to the kitchen’s dynamics. No matter which high-end sink you feel is more appropriate for your luxury kitchen, Straight Up Remodeling is happy to accommodate to make your kitchen remodeling project perfect. Call us to start designing your dream kitchen today!

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