What is a Tuscan Style Bathroom in Kingston, WA? Traditional Mediterranean Colors, Patterns & More

When you want to remodel your bathroom and you are tired of the same old trends and want something different, why not try a Tuscan style bathroom? A Tuscan style bathroom can add a unique atmosphere and theme to any bathroom. When deciding to create a Tuscan style bathroom you will need to find the right materials, fixtures, and design. Straight Up Remodeling will share how to create a Tuscan style bathroom to bring you a fresh and new bathroom theme.

What are Traditional Tuscan Colors?

When it comes to creating a Tuscan style bathroom, it is important to bring the right elements together such as color, materials, and pattern. Another important element you will want to create in a perfect Tuscan atmosphere, is bringing the outdoors inside. You can do this by using the right color. When remodeling a bathroom look for tile and other material with Mediterranean blues, tans and terracotta which has a nature like feel. When considering tan colors for your Tuscan bathroom, stick to sand, almond, or biscuit colors.

Tuscan Style Patterns

After you find the right colors, you will want to focus on design on patterns. Tuscan has a natural rock element. You will want a rock pattern from natural stone or cultural stone that you can use inside the bathroom. There are different types of natural stone you can use as siding or countertops. Some popular choices of natural stone are Canyon Rock, Sandalwood, and White Travertine stones. Tuscan style bathrooms will have texture. Piazza tile is perfect for bringing in texture that blends with a Tuscan style bathroom.

Mediterranean Light Fixtures & Other Features

Once you develop an exterior design to fit a Tuscan bathroom, to help make it feel even more of an authentic Tuscan bathroom, you will want the proper fixtures. You will want to find drains, faucets, grab bars, light fixtures in bronze of matte black. Another major feature for a Tuscan bathroom is a Tuscan style bathing area. A free standing bronze bathtub looks amazing. For luxury you can have a built in bathtub with a pillar and over hanging arches. The bathing area is a major area that is emphasized in many Tuscan bathroom. Do not hold back when designing your bathing area.

Modern Tuscan Interior Design Inspiration

It is fair to say that Tuscan style bathrooms are fairly elaborate. When you want to remodel a Tuscan bathroom you should look for ideas and get inspired. You should begin looking online for Tuscan style bathrooms. You will be amazed at some of the amazing Tuscan bathrooms that other people have created in their homes. You will find great ideas that you may be able to apply to your future bathroom.

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There is a lot of detailed and demanding work when remodeling a bathroom, especially a Tuscan style bathroom. When you want to do a major bathroom remodeling project you will want quality contractors. A contractor can do more than just create a beautiful bathroom, they can help draw up plans to redesign the bathrooms layout and much more. When you want a Tuscan bathroom or need help remodeling your bathroom regardless of style, contact Straight Up Remodeling today.

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