What is a Realistic Cost for a Bathroom Remodel in Bremerton, WA? From a Tight Budget to High End Custom

When homeowners consider remodeling the bathroom, the first factors often lie with the budget. Pricing a remodel can vary significantly. Materials, designing, labor, plumbing and electrical additions or adjustments, and other fees and costs are determined by location, your preferences, and the professionals you hire to ensure the investment is done right. Depending on the extent of the remodel also dictates the overall cost. Where many people want to remodel the bathroom, the important thing is to work with a professional to make sure that the remodeling is designed to meet your requirements, the coding, and other essentials. Though there are different details that can alter the cost greatly for your bathroom remodel, we at Straight Up Remodeling would like to offer a basic remodeling cost for your bathroom.

High End Bathroom Remodels

Most people prefer the high-end of things, from the design to the quality of materials, as they offer the most convenience and longevity. However, high-end bathroom remodeling projects can be costly. Where the rain shower head meets the stratosphere, the walls are covered in, custom glass tile, remote controlled shower functions and craftsmen taking days to complete, along with stone fabricated into crown molding is what high budgeting costs can get you. The high-end bathroom remodels come from the intricate details and the high commodities, making the finished results stunning and the function is to pamper.

Custom Bath Remodel

Expected costs for the moderate custom bathroom remodeling is to be $30k to $60k. There are many options that can inflate the price. Everything from the obvious to the subtle features of a custom bathroom renovation can be considered as the custom stone and tile work along with heated towel racks are a few examples. The most significant impact on getting the most bang for your buck is working with designer into the overall budget is definitely an option. When your budget is in the price range, you can have many of the high-end luxuries implemented with modest commodities.

Remodel a Bathroom on a Tight Budget

If your bathroom remodeling is essential but your budget is under 430k, you can still get a beautiful bathroom in the end. With the right contractor at the right time with careful budgeting, bargain shopping, and detailed planning, the custom bathroom can have the look of an expensive renovation without the high price tag. With the lower budgets, there are a few custom elements such as tile layout and upgraded fixtures, but there are many elements that are affordable to transform your bathroom into something you love.

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Ultimately, no matter the cost of your bathroom remodel, you need to have patience, and take the time to research a firm that will help you maintain your budget and reach your goals. Call Straight Up Remodeling today and our specialists will consult with you regarding the details of your bathroom remodel and budget. We can find the right bathroom remodel that will help you get the features you want, the needs, and the price. Call us today to get started.

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