What is a New England Colonial Style Kitchen in Poulsbo, WA? Raised Panel Cabinet Doors, Wood Plank Floors & More

With classic designs and functionality that homeowners love, colonial style kitchens boast to have both. This trend will continue to withstand the test of time. The American colonial style celebrates truly timeless design, noted for its 17th and 18th-century architectural influences. A medley of colonial design reigned across the original 13 colonies that still holds court in today’s United States, from saltbox dwellings that charm New England, to stately Federal-style townhomes. Today, we at Straight Up Remodeling would like to discuss the basics of New England, colonial style inspired kitchen.

What Does a New England Colonial Kitchen Design Look Like?

Adventure and trade among colonial settlements, two and three-story homes were built across the eastern seaboard, born from an era of sea-faring travel. A fireplace or two and a large kitchen to feed a community is the most common colonial features are a grand center hallway and staircase. Do not confuse the current colonial style with your grandparent’s 1970’s avocado green kitchen. A hallmark of quality craftsmanship, and the look is more elegant and sophisticated using luxe materials, long with the lighter colors are used today. Natural American lumber and raised panel cabinet doors are typical details of a colonial-style kitchen include attention to furniture-grade cabinets. To pay homage to the past, custom wooden moldings accent tall sky-high ceilings, wood plank flooring along with accents and hardware. Spanning a rustic farmhouse kitchen in the countryside to a sophisticated gourmet blowout in a posh urban setting are the classic genre in kitchen designs. Emerging as well are new fresh takes on colonial-style.

Modern Colonial Kitchen Design

Straight Up Remodeling design consultants can help you navigate all of the possibilities, no matter you are considering a kitchen renovation or are building new. When considering a colonial-style kitchen, take account of the tips below.
1) Essential to this classic American look is natural hardwood cabinetry. For an authentic take on a colonial kitchen, select either custom wood cabinetry or refaced wood veneers to newly transform your space.
2) Imperative to familiarize your style search with include such door styles such as Shaker, raised panel and flat panel are traditional door styles with raised panels or subtle detail and beading.
3) You are also selecting a healthier natural product for a toxin-free home when you choose North American lumber for authenticity. Finalizing your wood of choice is the next step. Hardwoods traditionally used in colonial décor include cherry, oak, maple or pecan. For the overall kitchen design, each variety brings a distinct character. Whether you prefer wood grain to take center stage is another decision. There is a subtle look of a unique finish and stain over hardwood.
4) Tending to keep cabinets in mid-wood tones, traditional colonial kitchen design and the newer trends are bringing a plethora of light-colored traditional kitchen cabinetry to the forefront. For this Americana look and available, Nutmeg on Maple, Washington on Cherry Pewter, Maple Pewter Glaze, or Washington on Maple are just a few intriguing finishes.
5) Accent your space with a dramatic, old-world kitchen hood, exposed brick or stone, and handcrafted pot racks as you keep appliances neutral and understated. Using fabric or upholstery, keep the seating comfy.
6) Select a paint palette from a historical collection from a quality paint company.

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Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen into a New England Colonial Kitchen design, or have other designs in mind, call in the professionals of Straight Up Remodeling and let us help achieve your goals.

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