What is a Good Accent for a Kitchen in Southworth, WA? Touch of Bold Black Color & More

One of the things that most homeowners have on their list is to makeover their kitchen. Having a great looking and functional kitchen is a dream for most. The great thing about remodeling your kitchen is that any money that you put in you will get that and more when you sell your house. The home’s value will increase when you make upgrades that any homeowner would love. There are lots of decisions that you need to make when you makeover your kitchen from the type of cabinets to the flooring, paint and more. You want to have a space that looks the way you imagine it with all the amenities that will make your day in the kitchen better. There are other things you can do to ensure that your new makeover is not boring. You want to have accents that create a space for the eye to go and even can be a talking point in the space. Straight Up Remodeling offers tips to accent your kitchen remodel.

Bold Black Accent Color

One of the things that you want to take into account when you are looking to remodel your kitchen is to have a bold color. The modern look of a kitchen can end up being a bit boring or feeling a bit sterile. This is why you want to have an accent color that is bold and give some depth to the space. The best color that you can choose for your kitchen is black. It is a very versatile and useful in many types of kitchens whether you want a modern or a more traditional look. You can use black for your appliances or you can use it for a wall that is in the space. You can decide on the amount of black that you use in the space that can also include the handles and hardware on your cabinets.

Kitchen Backsplash

There are lots of people that want to have nice crisp and clean looking kitchen. They like the modern and clean lines that come when you use the same colors through the entire space. If you want to find a way to add some fun and movement to the space you can do that with your backsplash. The backsplash no longer is a small lip above the counter but can be a place that draws the eye in your kitchen. There are several types of materials that are being used for backsplash from stone, tile wallpaper and even metal. You can choose a layout and a pattern that is fun and brings a secondary color to the space. You can choose a pattern and a material that can add some real texture and depth to the space.

Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for a way to make a splash with your kitchen and still keep it in the modern look you can choose a two tone pallet. The cabinets can be painted so that the uppers and the lowers have their own color that accent each other. You can also choose to have all the wall cabinets painted one color and the island cabinetry can be a second color. This creates some interest in the space while still not disrupting the flow of the space.

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