What Do I Need to Know About Bathroom Remodeling in Chico, WA? How to Choose Tile & More

When you decide it is time to remodel your bathroom, there are many things you might never have been told about the experience. There is a lot of unknown details about a bathroom remodel that is never shared, which can lead to a number of regrets. To ensure you plan out every detail of your bathroom remodel, Straight Up Remodeling will share some of the untold considerations of a bathroom remodel.

Elaborate Bathtubs

When remodeling a bathroom, many homeowners will splurge on a new bathtub. Some people want an oversized bathtub for long luxurious baths. However, those oversize bathtubs take a lot of water to fill them and they can be a pain to keep clean. Other times during a bathroom remodel, the homeowner will try to save a little extra money and choose a cheap plastic insert. Those plastic bathtubs don’t last very long and can be damaged easily. When remodeling a bathroom you will want to find a tub that suits your needs and one you will not regret.

Add More Light to a Dark Bathroom

Depending on the layout of the home, some bathrooms may have terrible lighting. When you wish for more and better light, the remodel period is the perfect time to add lighting to the bathroom. When designing your bathroom remodel, you can add ceiling lights and/or wall lights. However, there is more to adding lights than just hanging up a new fixture. During the remodel you will need to add wiring and sometimes a whole new circuit. Even though light fixture may not cost a lot of money, the wiring can add to the cost of the remodel.

Include Electrical Outlets During Bathroom Remodel

In some homes the bathroom may not have good or accessible outlet. A bathroom needs outlets and during the remodel it is a perfect time to consider adding more or accessible outlets. You can add outlets or relocate them to a more accessible location. During a remodel, many homeowners will never think about the outlets and after the remodel has been completed, they realize that they had added better outlets. Make sure when remodeling your bathroom, you think about the outlets and see if you want to relocate or add more outlets in your bathroom.

How Do I Choose a Bathroom Tile?

When remodeling the bathroom make sure you love the tile you choose. Most people will base the decision on the size and color of the tile. But some tile can be harder to keep clean than others. Avoid super grainy textured tile as they can develop mildew and scum faster and can be harder to clean off than smooth glossy surfaced tile. Along with choosing tile, be careful on the type and color of grout you use. Sometimes the homeowner may want to make their grout line pop and use a bold color. When choosing a grout you may want to use a color that blends well with your tile as the effect of a bold color may be too intense.

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These are some of the regrets of many bathroom remodels. Make sure you plan out all of the details and even the little ones. If you need help remodeling your bathroom and need a quality contractor, contact Straight Up Remodeling today.

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