What are the 2022 Bathroom Trends in Silverdale, WA? Window Front Vanities, Open Concept Bathrooms & More

Bathrooms shouldn’t be just a place where we get ready, they should feel inviting and relaxing. The bathroom is no longer just a functioning space. It’s an aesthetically pleasing retreat where you can wash all your worries away. More than ever, people are gutting out their old bathrooms and opting for a more intimate setting where they can really get away. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that not all trends last forever. Experts agree, when you are ready to remodel your bathroom it’s important to stay on trend. Straight Up Remodeling stays on top of what’s hot and what’s not, so without further ado, here are the hottest bathroom trends of 2022.

Bold, Moody Bathrooms

Dark, moody hues are making a comeback this year after years of white and neutral palette trends. It’s all about the sultry, bold spa-like feel you get with these moody hues. Coupled with dark granite or marble sinks and showers with white or silver fixtures, you can bring the high-end spa experience to you.

Style a Neutral Color Palette in Bathroom

If you can’t quite grasp the concept of the moody hues just yet, you’re in luck. The white and neutral palettes that have been loved for so many years are a trend that is here to stay this year. This undying classic gives a clean and open feeling. For a truly modern feeling, keep things monochromatic and follow through with the same materials throughout the entire space.

Window Front Vanities

We have some phenomenal views here. If you have a great view, consider opening up a space for a window in your bathroom and place your vanity in front of it so you can gaze out into the great beyond. This is a hot trend for 2019. It adds character and great lighting in the space.

Bold Statement Walls

You’ll see a lot of bright, bold statement walls showing up in bathrooms this year. Adding oversize floral print wallpaper, pattern on pattern wallpaper or other dramatic print to the focal point of your bathroom will bring the drama to this space, especially in smaller bathrooms.

Open Concept Bathrooms

Interior designers everywhere are changing up the bathroom scene in a big way this year. We’re knocking down walls and giving master bathrooms a fresh, open concept. Getting ready for a night out in the open air is renewing and refreshing. Add in a privacy glass or steel barrier to separate the space and keep up with another hot trend in 2019.

Exposed Shower Plumbing Pipes

This exposed plumbing concept brings on an industrial look that blends beautifully with a neutral palette and modern white marble.

Private Spas

More than ever, we are seeing a trend that is likely to stick around for a while. People everywhere are opting for spa-like designs right in the private comfort of their own home. Gone are the days when one had to get away to obtain piece of mind after a stressful day or week. Now, you can come home to your own private retreat and bathe all your worries away.

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No matter what style you lean towards, there are many trends on the market this year to choose from. When buying or selling a home, one of the biggest selling points are the bathrooms. Keeping on trend with your bathroom design will increase your home’s resale value for years to come. Straight Up Remodeling stays up-to-date with the hottest interior design trends. Let us help you create your ideal powder room. To discuss your options or if you have further questions, give us a call, we’re happy to be of assistance!

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