What are Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Avoid in Manchester, WA? Ornate Tile & More

Trends are often used when homeowners either are not sure what they want from their remodel, or in the moment, seem like a must have idea to implement. When people search for ideas, it is the more popular ones that get noticed for obvious reasons. However, sometimes these design trends should be skipped as they are regrettable for some form or another. Today, we at Straight Up Remodeling would like to share a few the top design trends that should be avoided.

Ornate Tile Styles

To bring your bathroom design to the next level, detailed and unique tile designs can be a fun way. Found on many popular websites, patterns like basketweave, herringbone, and windmill are all the rage across the Pacific Northwest. Not only are these types of tile designs challenging to ensure perfect installation, they are a bold choice that are not likely to add to your resale value. We would recommend it only for your forever home and only to be done by a professional tile contractor in the event you are dead set on an ornate tile design.

All White Bathrooms

Homeowners love to see in their bathrooms the combination of white subway tile and light-colored marble is an elegant option. Since they are extremely difficult to maintain and keep clean, they don’t stay gorgeous for long, however. We recommend opting for a dark colored grout to use this style in a more functional way, such as grey or black, or selecting a light-colored tile that has flecks of other colors. To add dimension to an otherwise simple bathroom, the darker colored grout is good and helps not show stains as easily.

Accents of Wood

To instantly add warmth and a rustic look, incorporating wood into any space does the trick. It can be difficult to clean, especially in a bathroom, though many of us love the natural look of wood. Your wood isn’t going to be beautiful for long with all the moisture. In the event you insist that wood needs to be in your bathroom, just be sure to keep it away from the sink, shower, and toilet areas, and be sure to treat the wood with a water-resistant protective coating. To mimic the look of wood in an easy-to-clean, water-resistant way, a less stressful option would be using a vinyl tile is an alternative.

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These are just a few of the top trends that should not be something you commit to for your bathroom remodel, or at the very least, consider the alternatives. If you are looking to make your bathroom trendy, yet unique, as well as well as something that fits your personal tastes, whether the remodel is necessary to make the home ready for the market or simply for your personal needs, talk to the professionals of Straight Up Remodeling and let our certified experts take care of you. Our designing experts has the answers and can help you plan and design a bathroom to fit your needs. Contact our friendly office today to schedule your consultation.

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