Types of Construction Excavation in Bangor, WA; Digging Topsoil, Rock, Earth & Muck for Cut & Fill, Dredging & More

For many people, when they hear the word excavation, they think of ancient artifacts that are being dug up. For many people that have completed any project on their property, they probably think of the many other valuable ways that excavation can be used. Straight Up Remodeling is here to talk about the many different areas that we excavate to explain the service a bit more for those that aren’t familiar with it.

Common Materials that are Excavated

Following are some of the many materials that we find ourselves excavating on a daily basis for our clients.
– Topsoil: Topsoil is exactly what the name says it is; the soil that is on top of the earth. This is where vegetation grows. Many people need topsoil when they are planting a garden. For those that are trying to build anything though, this topsoil needs to be removed before construction can begin. It is much too compressible to build anything on.
– Rock: When we use the rocks, we aren’t talking about small pebbles. If someone has boulders on their property that need to be removed, excavation equipment is likely needed to get them to move.
– Earth: This is the layer that is underneath the topsoil. Earth is removed when someone is trying to build a foundation. Anyone that needs to put in a drainage ditch will also need to remove earth to do so.
– Muck: Muck is soil that has high water content in it. This is usually found at the bottom of a pond or marsh.

Purposes of Excavation

Here are some of the reasons that someone may want to hire someone to do some excavation work for them.
– Cut & Fill: If you need to change high spots or create an embankment, excavating can help to remove land from one place and put it somewhere else to make it more level.
– Sub Base Preparation for Driveway or Road: If there are any materials that make it less than ideal to put a road in, excavating can get rid of those materials so there is a solid foundation for the road construction.
– Subgrade Prep Bridge: Bridges are only as strong as the foundation they are built on. To create that strong foundation, the ground needs to be excavated.
– Dredging: This is the term used for removing the muck that is found at the bottom of a pond or marsh. It is used to increase the depth of waterways.

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