Shower Considerations for Bathroom Remodeling in Enetai, WA; Material, Doors, Finish & More

You might not have thought about your shower doors or enclosure first when remodeling your bathroom. Mirrors, tiles, fixtures, lights, and the shower itself are likely initial thoughts for your bathroom remodel. One of the most major features of your bathroom is actually the shower door. Today, we at Straight Up Remodeling would like to offer some considerations you should think of before diving into the bathroom remodeling project.

Best Type of Shower for Bathroom Remodel

Hinged / Sliding Doors. You can save space with sliding doors. If they are installed incorrectly, they could break, so sliding doors need to be installed correctly. If in the event you want everything to look sleek and space-saving, consider sliding shower doors.
Frameless/ Framed Doors. Currently, frameless shower doors are very modern and very trendy. Making the bathroom feel larger, they create unbroken space. You do need to be more delicate with them, though they are more expensive. If they are slammed hard enough, a worry with frameless shower doors is that they could break. If they are not treated poorly and roughly, these doors are perfectly fine.
Towel / Handles Bars. Handles and tower bars already installed on some shower doors. You may want to install accessories on your shower doors if you have a shower that you want to be very functional, or you want to save space. You probably don’t want anything attached to it if you would rather the door be invisible. Having shower handles to be clear and no tower bars, or acrylic towel bars that can’t be seen may be what you want.
Material, Dimensions & Finish. The most popular today for shower doors, is of course glass. It is easy to keep clean as glass is attractive. People can also choose not to have a shower door at all, and instead, they can install a rod and a shower curtain. In multiple ways, the glass can be finished. The glass is sometimes completely transparent. The glass is frosted for privacy in other situations. There can be patterns or designs on the glass as well. It boils down to the look you are trying to achieve.
Modern Shower Doors. With a frameless format and discrete handles, modern shower doors are often designed to be virtually invisible. By including the shower space with the rest of the room, an invisible shower door can make the bathroom look larger. Many people think about accessibility today, and not just in terms of elderly family members as well. Many think about how easy it is to get in and out of their shower. For instance, they may look towards glass shower doors that go all the way to the ground, so there is nothing to step over.

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There are a lot of modern glass shower doors. Being inherently connected to your shower, of course, the shower door. You should consider what type of shower doors and shower door handles you really want when selecting a shower. When it comes to your bathroom remodeling project, trust in the skilled artisans of Straight up Remodeling and let us assist you!

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