Should I Remodel My Bathroom Before Selling in Allyn, WA? Adds Home Value, Updated Outdated Look & More

Most people spend quite a bit of time in the bathroom each day showering and getting ready for the day ahead. The average woman spends about two days’ worth out of each month in the bathroom getting herself ready. The problem is that the bathroom may not be what you consider to be functional, stylish or exciting. A bathroom remodel is a great way to show your style and add some more functionality to the space. When the house was built the home builder chose options that were pleasing to the majority and they really are a decent choice but just not always right for you. When you do some remodeling you can make lots of changes that can make a huge difference. You get to pick a color option for the walls that may be better in line with what you like. You can choose a tub that has more functions and amenities to make it more comfortable for you to enjoy. You also have the opportunity to pick out a toilet that is better in size and more energy efficient than the one that you currently have. Straight Up Remodeling has some more benefits of having your bathroom remodeled.

A Remodeled Bathroom Adds Value to Your Home

There are two places in a home that most people take into consideration when buying a home. They look at the kitchen and they also look at the bathroom. If you go to a home that has a standard bathroom set up and then to one that has been upgraded the chances are you would buy the house with the upgrades even if it costs more money. The thought that the renovations have already been done and you don’t have to worry about the mess can be a real deal maker for many people in the market. The bathroom additions and renovations adds value to the house when you are ready to resell it. You can rest assured that the money that you put into the house you will be able to make back plus more when you go to sale the house.

Make Outdated Bathroom Look & Function Better

This is the best part of getting your bathroom remodeled. You get to make some choices that are more your style and what you like. The flat white wall or cream color paint that came with the house may not give off the style that you want. When you renovate the room you get to pick a color that is more your style. You also can accent the room with tile patterns, colors and shapes and designs. Another way to add your own style is with the choice of bathtub and shower. Lots of homes come with a standard white fiberglass one piece unit. You can buy and have installed a more exciting Jacuzzi tub and use the tile that you chose for the shower enclosure.

Remodel & Bathroom to Make it Bigger

The next great thing about a bathroom renovation is that you can utilize space that may have otherwise been wasted. You can rearrange the layout of the room and get more space from areas that may not have been used. Many people choose to remove the bathtub and go with a fancier shower enclosure instead. This is a great way to get some space in your new bathroom.

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