Should I Move Out During a Kitchen Remodel in Silverdale, WA? How Do You Survive a Renovation?

Has remodeling your home’s kitchen been a New Year’s goal? For those who been preparing to remodel their kitchen, there is one aspect they must consider during the remodel. The entire kitchen can be out of commission during the time of the remodel. Straight Up Remodeling will share a few tips on what you can do when your kitchen is out of commission and what you can do until the remodeling is done.

Should I Move Out During a Kitchen Remodel?

Depending on the size of the kitchen remodel, at times some homeowners will often leave instead of staying home. For those with little children it can be hard not to have a ready kitchen. In this case, some spend a few days at a friend’s house or rent out a place to stay. This is often easier that doing without a kitchen. However, it for those who want to stay home during the remodel, there may be a few challenge. Nonetheless, all can be overcome with proper preparation. Preparation is key to surviving a kitchen remodel especially larger families and those with littler kids. Before demolition begins, you will want to take a few steps to make the remodeling experience is better.

How to Set Up a Temporary Kitchen During a Kitchen Remodel?

Your first step is deciding where you will want to set up a temporary kitchen. As you won’t have access to a stove or an oven to cook with, you can set up a microwave and or toaster-oven somewhere in the home. If there is space in the garage, and it won’t interfere with the remodeling, you can even put the refrigerator in the garage temporarily. If you don’t have a place for the refrigerator, then avoid buying any food that requires refrigeration. Get cans or boxed food that requires less cooking. For those who like their morning coffee, coffee machines also can be set up outside the kitchen. If you have folding picnic tables or another type of table, you can set up your coffee, microwave, and toaster-oven anywhere in the home. If you own or know someone with a mini-refrigerator you can borrow, consider also adding a mini-refrigerator for basic stuff such as milk for cereal. When considering what food you can eat that requires minimal cooking, also consider storage, cooking and preserving supplies such as tin-foil, sandwich bags, and plastic bins.

How Do You Survive Without a Kitchen During Renovation?

Another major consider when living without a kitchen is the clean-up. As meals may be basic, at times dishes need to be cleaned and waste disposed of. Often homeowners will make do washing dishes in the bathroom or laundry room will a dry sink. However, when cleaning dishes, make sure all food waste is gone before washing dishes as there are no garbage disposals. You can also use a wash bin and recycle the water in the garden bed or lawn. Food scraps should be thrown out in trash bags and properly sealed, or you can develop ants. When committing to a major kitchen remodel there are a ton of decisions to make and often living with the remodeling is forgotten. When remodeling the kitchen, a major part of the home is taken away until the task is finished.

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