Shed Site Preparation for Gravel Pad Foundation in Silverdale, WA; How to Level Ground for a Workshop or Storage Shed

Do you need more storage space for your backyard? You may need a place to store gardening or pool equipment. Some people may need more storage space or perhaps they want a workshop. One of the most affordable ways to get more space is by investing in a shed. When investing in a shed, one of the important and often first step is to have a good foundation. A bad foundation can quickly reduce the life of the shed and open it up to the elements. Straight Up Remodeling would like to share how important ground preparation is and how it is done right.

Choosing Shed Location in Backyard

When you decide to invest in a shed you will first need to decide where the shed will go. One of the most common mistakes made is having the shed built too close to the property line. Most states will have a regulation that sheds must be built between 5 to 15 feet away from the property line. Make sure before you begin ground preparation that you check with your local zoning office to see your local regulation for sheds and see how close they can be to the property line. Another consideration when picking the locality of the shed is to make sure it is not in a flood zone. Strong floods can sweep away a shed and everything in it. There are many regions within Washington that is prone to flooding. Make sure you build your shed away from a flood zone whenever possible.

Level Gravel Pad Foundation

When picking a site for the shed it is ideal to find the most level place in the yard. However, it doesn’t have to be perfect because you will do ground leveling. However, avoid slopes or hills. When preparing the ground for the shed, many people will say to use concrete blocks to support the shed. This is because it is very difficult to support the shed evenly. Over time the concrete blocks will sink in the areas with more weight and the shed will begin to lean. A professional will always recommend laying a gravel foundation. You can create a level bed for the shed to set on with this foundation. When laying a gravel bed for the shed make sure to make the bed bigger than the shed. When people do use a gravel foundation they often make it the same size as the shed. Always make the gravel bed at least 2 feet bigger to allow proper drainage. This also helps to keep grass or weeds from growing around the shed. When laying the gravel foundation you will want to cover the site with landscape fabric. Again, you do not want weeds growing around or underneath the shed. It is also recommended to put down a weed and or grass barrier around the outer edges of the shed’s ground site. By not taking the time to protect the shed from weeds, grass, rain water and even local wildlife, your shed may be in jeopardy. To ensure the shed’s longevity it is important to take all of the steps necessary in the ground preparation.

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