Land Management

Our sister company, Straight Up Tractor Services is proud to offer quality Land Management Services throughout the Kitsap County, Mason County and Gig Harbor, Washington area. You can count on our elite professionals that have training and expertise to perform your services with high-quality craftsmanship. With attention to detail, and using advanced, well maintained equipment, Straight Up Tractor Services is the top choice for your land management services.

Land Management Service Menu

Straight Up Tractor Services’ land management services are readily available to commercial and residential properties in the Greater Port Orchard, Washington area. Our land management includes, but is not limited to the following:
– Brush removal & excavation maintenance
– Driveway widening & maintenance
– Scotch broom, blackberry, and undergrowth clearing
– Additional parking & Shed/RV pad prep
– Ditch, pond, roadside, HOA, easement, and utility access clearing
– Utility (including fiber optic cable) ditch digging & draining trenches
– Small & Medium stump removal
– Field mowing

Field Mowing

Field mowing is done with the superior efforts of Straight Up Tractor Services. There are many advantages to field mowing services such as reducing the weeds, illegal dumping, and pest infestations, as well as preventing potential fire risks, preparations for property building or planting, improving the appeal, complying with local regulation, bettering the relationships with neighbors, and so much more.

Utility & Draining Trench Digging

Straight Up Tractor Services performs trench digging for your utility and draining needs. Whether you need to better manage the excess water issues surrounding your home or you need to add or repair utility lines, you can count on Straight Up Tractor Services to get the trenches dug quickly and efficiently according to the specific needs of your trench.

Fiber Optic Cable Digging

Fiber optic cable promises faster internet speed, multiplayer gaming without lag, smoother video calls and enough bandwidth for everyone in your household to be online all at once. Call Straight Up Tractor Services for fiber optic trenching to bring this technological marvel into your home today! We offer shallow fiber optic cable trenching that achieves a smaller footprint, shorter road closure time and avoids running into other utility lines. Call us for a low cost and quick turnaround time today.

Undergrowth, Scotch Broom & Blackberry Clearing

When people are faced with a property choked with invasive blackberries or Scotch broom and other undergrowth concerns, Straight Up Tractor Services can remove them to keep your property clear, safe, and inviting. With our clearing services, you can avoid potential fire hazards, improve the value of the property, be far more efficient in the tough spots, and improve the soil while taking advantage of this cost effective solution for clearing your property’s grounds.

Driveway Widening & Maintenance

Straight Up Tractor Services can also take care of your driveway widening and maintenance needs. Properties in our area generally have one of three types of surfaces including asphalt, concrete, or gravel. Though not always common, concrete is the most durable and handles frequently scraped surfaces. To prevent deterioration, asphalt requires sealing every few years. To ensure the long life, gravel driveways, require a compacted gravel base of at least 8 inches and some ongoing maintenance. Straight Up Tractor Services is readily available for your maintenance needs. Additionally, if you find you need to make your driveway wider, we can help.

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Contact Straight Up Tractor Services for your land management services. We make certain your projects are done as fast possible without sacrificing quality!

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