Onyx Bathroom Remodeling in Kingston, WA; Pros of Wall Panel Showers, Tub & Deck Surrounds, Accessories & More

Your bathroom is one of the most overused rooms within your home. Take a moment to stop and think about it and you will realize we are right; every family member and possibly even every visitor that enters your house will use the bathroom at some point during their visit. Your bathroom speaks volumes about your home and is on display more than other rooms. A professional bathroom remodel is a smart investment that will improve your home’s appearance and increase your property’s value. With so many options available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and bogged down with the seemingly endless product choices and design details. According to the experts at Straight Up Remodeling, one of your most important considerations is making sure that you select a durable product that is both beautiful and reliable. A bathroom that is outdated and an afterthought can spoil the overall appearance of your home and make it appear unwelcoming and uncomfortable.

Beautiful & Durable Bathroom Material Options

The choice of materials can be overwhelming when remodeling your home, which especially rings true for bathroom remodeling projects. Onyx is not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s also durable and proven to stand the test of time. Ask any homeowner what comes to mind when they think of bathroom remodeling materials and tile or granite will probably be their first answer. Tile and granite are both versatile and long-lasting but require a tremendous amount of work during the installation process. Onyx is very easy to install and much easier to maintain since it lacks the grout lines typically found with traditional tile and granite products.

Benefits of Onyx Showers & Bathroom Accessories

Onyx is affordable and blends well with all manner of designs and accessory choices. Onyx is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, including matte and gloss. The finish and durability add to the product’s beauty, making your bathroom remodel the neighborhood’s envy. Onyx is typically cast in cultured marble molds, which gives it the appearance and texture of stone and granite. Color-matched silicone makes for a seamless finish.

Onyx Collection Products

Showers & Bathtubs: Shower bases, ceiling panels, wall panels, tubs, tub surrounds, and complete shower kits are a great alternative to granite and tile. With fewer pieces, installation is quick and effortless, and minimal grout lines reduce the risk of the product potentially cracking and leaking.
Toilets: Toilets choices include molded bowls in a variety of shapes, sizes, and profiles.
Accessories: Complete your bathroom remodeling project with coordinating accessories, for example, shower caddies, soap shelves, toilet paper holders, towel bars, grab bars, and much more.
Trim: Coordinating and matching accent trim is also available, including crown molding, corner trim, chair rail, baseboard, tile trim, and window and door casing.
Custom pieces are also available upon request.

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