Land Clearing Basics in Bremerton, WA; Techniques & Equipment to Clear Land of Small Trees, Stumps, Brush & More

When you need to have land or even lots cleared, it often involves removing trees, shrubs, debris and stumps from the land. Landowners will have land cleared for various reasons including new construction, land development and property improvement. When you decide to have your land cleared, it not only leaves the property feeling larger, but it also makes the property usable. Straight Up Remodeling is here to share some land clearing basics that can help you decide if it’s right for your property.

Equipment Used for Land Clearing

While it may sound tempting to try and get your land cleared on your own, it takes a certain set of specialized equipment to get the job done. To rent or find that equipment would be costly. Not only that, knowing how to run the equipment is a whole other ball game. Some of the equipment that is commonly used is:
– Front Loaders: These are used to move trees that have fallen and large rocks that in the way. If there is any large and heavy in the way on your land, a front loader with be what gets rid of it.
– Brush Hogger: For land that has heavy brush that needs to be cut through, a brush hogger is used to get it done. This piece of equipment is pulled behind a tractor and is strong enough to even mow down small trees.
– Chains: If there are tree stumps or boulders that need to be moved, it can be done by wrapping a heavy-duty chain around it and pulling it out of the way.

Basic Land Clearing Terms

There are some terms you will hear when talking about clearing land. Here are some definitions:
– Grubbing: This is the process of clearing stumps or roots by digging them out or grinding them up.
– Scalping: There are usually roots, grass and other vegetation that needs to be completely removed from the ground so that the dirt beneath them is exposed. That’s what scalping is.
– Clearing: Removing brush and trees from land.

Land Clearing Costs

When it comes to clearing land, the cost isn’t so clear cut. There are many factors that play a role in how expensive it will be. Whether or not your land is a flat or hilly piece of property as well as the size of it will play a big role. Also, whether or not a permit will be needed to get the job done could affect the cost. Another aspect of the cost comes from whether or not grading will be required when the land is finished being cleared. There is no set price for land clearing as every job is different.

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