Kitchen Upgrades for Your Forever Home in Silverdale, WA; Pull Out Pantry, Sink Next to Stove & More

When remodeling a home there are two major considerations that can determine the direction of the remodel. These considerations are whether you are remodeling to sell your home, or you are remodeling your forever home. When remodeling a kitchen to sell, you will want to follow current trends and bring your kitchen up to date. However, when remodeling your forever home, you remodel your kitchen to fit you and make the changes you want. Changes which may not be considered popular or a current trend. For those who have their forever home and are considering remodeling their kitchen, Straight Up Remodeling would like to share some ideas or concepts you may want as part of your forever home kitchen.

Kitchen Pull Out Pantry

When remodeling a kitchen, often the cabinet and counters are replaced and redesigned. When redesigning your kitchen cabinets consider adding a pullout pantry. A pullout pantry is not considered mainstream, but they bring a lot more convenience to any kitchen. Standard pantry systems are basically shelves that you must dig through. Often items in the back or lower shelves get lost or forgotten. A pullout pantry allows you to see and easily access everything in your pantry. If you haven’t thought of or considered a pullout pantry, you may want to add one during your kitchen’s remodel.

How Can I Make My Corner Cabinets Better?

One of the most annoying pieces of cabinets to use are corner cabinets. Corner cabinets, depending on the design, can make them almost useless or a pain to use or access. However, there are a ton of new corner cabinet designs that can help make corner cabinets easier to use. There are internal rotating shelves that can be installed. All you need to do is open the cabinet and turn the shelves until you find the thing you need. There are many other new shelving systems that can help make using your corner cabinet far easier and efficient. When designing your cabinets, take the time and see how you can better use your corner cabinets.

Install Sink Next to Stove

Another thing to consider is moving the stove or the sink so they are closer together. There are many meals that require something on the stove to be moved to the sink and drained. Having the sink and stove near each other will make cooking much easier. Additionally, you can also make cleaning dirty pots and pans easier on yourself as well. As people get older, it helps to minimize the distance they carry big or heavy pots and pans. When designing your kitchen, you may want to consider this concept.

Make Your Kitchen Fit You

When remodeling your forever kitchen, it is important to make the kitchen fit you. Meaning how do you like to use your kitchen? Do you like to cook large meals, or do you do a lot of baking? You may not do too much cooking and want to make your kitchen as minimal as possible. When investing in a kitchen remodel, it is important that you love your new kitchen.

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