Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2022 in Bainbridge Island, WA; Minimalist Design, Natural Materials & More

Are you in the market to remodel your home, but not sure what look you really want to go with? There are so many looks you can choose from for the 2022 year. Yes, the classic white look will always be in, but there are so many more things you can do to your kitchen this year. Straight Up Remodeling has a few ideas that you can look into when it comes to the way you are wanting to remodel your kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Look into the future. If you are considering buying any appliance go with ones that have apps or voice-controlled smart appliances. Make sure you are buying things that are cordless. That is where the future is going, stay up with the times. Many things can be started by voice-control these days. So when it comes to remodeling your kitchen that is something to consider doing.

Bright Colorful Kitchen

White kitchen is not your style? Do you need color? Then this is the year for you. Bold colors in the kitchen are in this year. Colors on everything from cabinets and islands to kitchen sinks. Bold colors are making your kitchen stand out. The blue and green colors are going to be very popular this year. From deep to natural to rich colors. Colors like mint and olive are great colors this year.

Mix & Match Kitchen Cabinets

It’s okay to mix and match this year. You can do warm and cool tones in metallic, woods, and paint. You can have vintage or antique furniture. You can do a metal hood above your stove as a statement in your kitchen. A bold backsplash or a fun island color that contrasts with other cabinets. Just because they are not the same does not mean it won’t look good this year.

More Space in Kitchen

With more people home during 2021 people are wanting more kitchen space for 2022. It’s not a grab a cup of coffee and run to work anymore. The kitchen has become more of a living space where family and friends gather together. It is where kids do homework, adults do their work, and where family and friends have dinner. Because of this trend, people are wanting bigger kitchens with more storage space and cabinets.

Round Edges of Countertops & Island

Have your island or other cabinets have round edges. It makes your kitchen have a more futuristic and soft look. The great thing about this style of cabinets or island is that when you or a child runs into the cabinets it won’t be the sharp corner edge that is normal when you bump into a corner cabinet.

Natural Materials

Natural stone or materials is still a great look for your kitchen this year. You can always find a place for natural wood or stone somewhere in your kitchen. If it is the floor, countertop, or cabinets it will ways make your kitchen have a nice look to it.

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Remodeling a kitchen can be so exciting. It can be the time you finally get the kitchen of your dreams. So what is the kitchen of your dreams? Straight Up Remodeling wants to help you with the remodels and any questions you might have. We are here to help you with your kitchen. Call us to get started today!

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