Kitchen Island VS Perpendicular Peninsula Attached to Wall in Port Orchard, WA; Design Layout, Storage & More

There are many features that can be incorporated into your kitchen remodel. For many homeowners, choosing between an island or peninsula is a consideration. Prior to choosing one to incorporate into your kitchen remodel, these are some of the aspects of an island or peninsula to be considered. Today, we at Straight Up Remodeling would like to elaborate on islands versus peninsulas.

Difference Between Kitchen Island & Peninsula

When contemplating the addition of a kitchen island or peninsula counter in your kitchen remodel, most are familiar with a kitchen island as a free-standing counter space that is separate from the main counters and base cabinets. One end of the counter connecting to the main counters or wall is a kitchen peninsula. Instead of four, it has three open sides and frequently runs perpendicular to its attached counter or wall. How you will use or design the kitchen is significantly impacted with the type of structure you choose to add to your kitchen remodel. Before choosing one to incorporate into your kitchen remodel, these are some of the aspects of an island or peninsula to consider.

Kitchen Layout Planner

The floorplan of your kitchen remodel will change with the addition of either an island or peninsula, ultimately. This indicates you need to understand how it will impact the look and layout of the kitchen area. Though it will stand alone in the middle of your kitchen, this may initially close off where you can walk around the kitchen. A kitchen peninsula will give the users more space to move around, however, it will create semi-partitions off the main kitchen area. How you will create the work triangle between the sink, cooking range, and refrigerator is determined by the layout.

Kitchen Island & Peninsula Styles & Designs

Both islands and peninsulas can look fabulous in nearly all kitchen remodels all in all. Homeowners may run into design constraints, which needs to be acknowledged. Kitchens can either be completely different to act as a statement piece or visual contrast or even designed to imitate the rest of the kitchen counters. To keep a sense of cohesion to the kitchen remodel, peninsulas are better off continuing the appearance of the existing countertop and cabinet styles.

Maximize Kitchen Storage & Space

In order to a new kitchen remodel, islands and peninsulas both add more counter space and storage potential. Both are extremely functional, not just stylistic in these regards. In making the most sense to incorporate, it may come down to how big or small your kitchen is to determine.

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When it comes to your kitchen remodel service, no matter if you want a kitchen island or peninsula, there are many considerations. With the help of the specialists from Straight Up Remodeling, we can help you plan the perfect remodeling that compliments your home, fits in with the family’s dynamics, and offers specialist features that make your cooking and baking smoother. Along with our designing experts, our artisans ensure your remodeling construction is done with top craftsmanship. Call us today for your consultation.

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