Kitchen Backsplash Remodeling Ideas in Bethel, WA; Subway Glass Tile, Modern White Stone, Rustic Wood & More

Is it time to remodel your home’s kitchen? When remodeling a kitchen there are a number of elements you may want to add to make your kitchen look better. For those who want a better kitchen, many will focus on kitchen islands or appliances. However, what about backsplashes? There are many benefits of having a good backsplash added to the kitchen. A backsplash can help protect the walls by the countertops from spills and splashes. They are easily cleaned and make the kitchen look far more interesting. Today Straight Up Remodeling would like to share some of the best types of backsplashes you can add to your kitchen remodel.

Tile Kitchen Backsplash

One of the more popular choices for kitchen backsplashes is tile. Tile backsplashes come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Tile back splashes are easy to install and are easy to clean. You can find different types of tile that is used for kitchen backsplashes such as ceramic, glass, or stone. Ceramic tile comes in a wide variety and is one of the more affordable types of backsplashes. The glass tile is a bit more expensive and trickier to install. However, they are very beautiful and have bolder colors and shine. Glass is easy to clean and will last for years with proper care. Stone tile backsplashes are most often marble, slate, or granite. However, there are many other stone tile choices used for back splashes. Stone tile can be harder to maintain as they require more work. Stone tile tends to be more expensive as well. Nevertheless, stone tile has a natural beauty and enhances the look of any kitchen.

Modern White or Other Stone Backsplash

Stone backsplashes is not like stone tile. As stone backsplashes are all natural stone, such as granite, quartz, or marble, they are not tile. Stone back splashes are solid cuts of stone that is fitted to your kitchen backsplash. As stone backsplashes are custom cut to fit your kitchen, depending on the size there may be more than one cut of stone. Again, natural stone requires meticulous cleaning and it must be protected with a sealer. Even though natural stone will need to be maintained, it looks great. When you match your back splash with your counter top, you make the kitchen look elegant and very clean.

Rustic Wood Backsplash

Yes, there are wooden backsplashes. When remodeling for a more rustic kitchen, you can choose wood paneling that is used for the kitchen’s back splash. Wood is a hardy material that looks amazing. However, like stone, the wood over time will need to be sanded down and refinished to keep the wood protected. Installing wood is easy and with the right sealer, is easy to keep clean.

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Every kitchen should have a backsplash. They help to protect the walls and make cleaning much easier. When using the right back splash it can help enhance the look and value of your home. When remodeling your home’s kitchen, do not forget the back splashes. For quality remodeling services, contact Straight Up Remodeling and schedule a consultation to begin your remodel today.

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