Is it a Good Idea to have a Sink in a Kitchen Island in Poulsbo, WA? Open Concept, Galley Remodel Design & More

When you’re planning out your kitchen remodel, there are several things you are going to consider as you come up with the ideal design for your space. There are many kitchen remodels that involve putting in a kitchen island to add counterspace and storage in modern kitchens. If you are trying to decide the best way to design your kitchen island, you aren’t alone. Many people have to decide exactly what they put in their island. This includes whether or not you want to put a kitchen sink in your island. Straight Up Remodeling is here to talk about how a kitchen island sink can be beneficial.

Open Concept Kitchen Designs

Many people are often looking for an open concept in their home. This gives everyone in the home the chance to be doing different activities while all being together. If you have an open concept in your home, you are probably going to love having a sink in your island. This will allow you to prep food, wash dishes and more all while being a part of what is going on in the home.

Galley Kitchens

Most kitchens want to ideally have their kitchen sink on one wall and the stove and cooktop on the other. If you have a galley kitchen where one wall is nothing but cabinetry, you can add an island with your sink in it to give you this ideal design. You may find that it gives you much better flow in your kitchen. It also allows you to keep that cabinetry that gives you the ever important storage that every kitchen needs to be functional.

Prep Sink

If you have space for, you may find that you would immensely enjoy having a prep sink in your kitchen. It can give you the benefits of prepping food with ease. Having a sink that is right there and accessible can prove to be invaluable in your new kitchen.

How to Design the Perfect Kitchen

When you are designing your new kitchen, you are going to want to be thinking about more than just style. While style is important, you need to remember that you are going to want a kitchen that is functional as well. You should consider storage solutions, flow and finishes when you are planning out your dream kitchen.

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