Ideas for Custom Built In Shelves, Storage Cabinets & Wall Units in Port Orchard, WA

When you begin remodeling your home, you have the chance to completely redesign some of your living space. Many people are looking for ways to claim more space in their homes when they undergo a remodel. For those who are looking for stylish ways to get more space in their home, consider custom built in cabinetry. Custom cabinetry can really enhance a home and provide extra storage space without the need of bulky furniture. Straight Up Remodeling will share a few ideas and ideal places for built in cabinetry for your home.

Living Room Wall Units

The living room is where everyone will gather and spend time with family and friends. It is also the main site of the entertainment system. Have you ever wanted an entertainment system that provides storage for movies, knickknacks, pictures, and help set off your living room? Having a built in entertainment system is a perfect solution. You can dedicate an entire wall for your home entertainment system. You can cleverly disguise sound systems and tangled cords inside the cabinetry and have a beautiful focus piece in your living room. Another common built in cabinetry system for living rooms are custom bookcases and storage cabinets.

Bedroom Wardrobe & Storage Cabinets

Have a small bedroom and are looking for ways to get more room to move? This is another perfect opportunity for custom cabinetry. Built-in-dressers and vanities are perfect for the bedroom and can help create more space. By having a built in dresser right inside the wall can help provide clothing storage. This way you don’t need a bulky dresser taking up space in your room. Don’t forget the closet! A custom closet can help provide the storage space you need and reduce wasted space. Some ideas for a custom closet are built in laundry hampers, shoe racks and storage, dressers, jewelry armoires, and of course, hanger poles.

Home Office Wall Cabinetry

A home office needs custom cabinetry for a number of reasons. No one organizes the same and each person requires their own system. This is where custom cabinetry is beneficial. For those who need places to store office documents and tools, and want to have an aesthetically pleasing office, consider custom cabinetry. Nothing looks better in an office than a custom bookshelf to show off your collection of books. While some may have books, others may need places to store reference materials. A bookcase is perfect for both.

Dining Room Cabinets with Glass Doors

Many homeowners will have custom cabinetry designed in their dining room to store or encase their fine china and fancy eating wares. Some like a place to put family photos and knickknacks. A similar need for custom cabinetry is that for a home bar. Home bars can be designed with custom shelves for wine glasses, and a place to show off the collection of alcohol. For those who want a stylish yet functional home bar, custom cabinetry is another perfect opportunity.

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There are many custom built in cabinetry designs that can enhance your home and provide the space and organization you need. If you are going to remodel a section of your home, consider adding built in cabinets. For remodeling and custom wood work services, contact Straight Up Remodeling to begin redesigning your home today.

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