How to Choose Semi-Custom Kitchen Cabinets for Your Remodel in Hansville, WA; White Shaker, Slab or Inset

One of the rooms in a house that most people tend to dream of renovating is the kitchen. There are always ways to spruce up your kitchen, better the layout and more. The kitchen is a place that families like to spend time together and to make meals. There are lots of styles that you can create with your new kitchen renovation and it is a good idea to know what options you have. One of the main components of the kitchen that bring in the style are the cabinets. They are a big part of the look of the space and that is why you want to make sure you know what options you have available to you. Knowing what some of the most common options are and what they look like can start your journey to a new kitchen look. Straight Up Remodeling lists different types of cabinets you can choose from for your new kitchen.

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

One of the types of cabinets that people are choosing to have in their home are called a shaker cabinet. Many people want to have a cabinet that can bring in many styles. You can use a shaker cabinet in many kitchens and then you can add décor to bring a style that fits the space. When it comes to a shaker cabinet they are traditional and are made up the same. You know that you have shaker cabinets if they have the standard five piece unit. This means that there is a flat panel that is then framed with four more pieces that make a frame around the main panel. These cabinets are a great option for someone that wants to have a sleek and modern looking cabinet. While they are often painted white, you can make them personalized by the paint and the hardware that you choose to use.

Slab Kitchen Cabinets

The other type of cabinet that is used in a kitchen when you want to show off a more modern and sleek approach is a slab style cabinet. The look is exactly what it sounds like and each of the doors or drawer covers are a flat slab of material. They can be made of wood and other composite material depending on the look you are going for. The slab option is great for a sleek and modern approach to a kitchen.

Inset Kitchen Cabinets

An option you can choose that goes well in a kitchen that might have a little extra space to use is called an inset cabinet. The cabinet can have any type of style when it comes to the panels but most of them are ornate. The inset means that the doors are set inside the main base of the cabinet rather than them sitting on top of the base. They do not protrude in any way and can be outfitted with hardware so that they can be easily pulled open.

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