How Do You Modernize an Outdated Kitchen in Belfair, WA to Improve Functionality, Add More Lighting

There are a few renovations that can have a big impact on the overall value of your home. The kitchen is one of them. When you have an outdated kitchen, it can make the entire house feel outdated. There are several things that may be out of place if your kitchen is considered “outdated.” Straight Up Remodeling is here to talk about some of those indicators so that you can decide if it’s time to give your kitchen a facelift.

Need More Storage & Other Space in Kitchen

Much of the time, when you have an outdated kitchen, you never seem to have enough space. You may experience cabinets that are bursting at the seams or countertops that are cluttered with things small appliances that don’t have a place to be. Whatever the challenge you are facing, outdated kitchens have more than likely not put an emphasis on storage like newer kitchens have. There are many storage solutions that are now available in newer cabinets.

Improve Air Ventilation in Kitchen

Most kitchens that were designed years ago, don’t have the ventilation that is often incorporated into newer kitchens. When they lack ventilation, there is no way to get rid of the smells that are often lingering after cooking and they start to smell. You can easily add proper ventilation into your newer kitchen when you embark on a kitchen remodel.

Fix Cracked Kitchen Caulking

Nothing will age your home more than cracks and coloring of your caulking that is found around your windows, doors and other surfaces in your kitchen. This is one thing that will catch the eye of anyone that steps foot in your kitchen. If you have discolored or cracked caulking, it is a big indicator that your kitchen could use a little TLC.

Improve Kitchen Functionality & Design

If you have appliances that aren’t matching and are mismatched colors or have a layout that isn’t functional at all, you probably have an outdated kitchen. Outdated kitchens often have appliances that don’t seem to go together and no cohesive design in the space. Likewise, the layout probably doesn’t really work with your lifestyle either. Maybe you don’t have enough outlets to support the many devices that are always in use or have a small island in the middle of your kitchen that you are constantly stumbling around. These are all signs that you need to remodel your kitchen.

Add More Lighting to Kitchen

More and more kitchen remodels involve adding lighting to the space. Homeowners are seeing the power that there is in putting light into the kitchen. It makes the space feel larger and adds significant beauty to the kitchen.

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