How Do You Maximize Space when Remodeling a Small Kitchen to Look Bigger & Brighter in Key Peninsula, WA?

Do you have a small kitchen in your home and you want to have it remodeled perhaps to get more space? When you have a small kitchen and you are ready to update and remodel it, often you want to claim more space in your kitchen. It can be rather puzzling trying to come up with concepts as to how to make a small kitchen bigger. Straight Up Remodeling will share a few ways on how you can make your kitchen bigger.

Bump Out to Expand Kitchen

One way to make a bigger kitchen is by pushing out the walls and actually making your kitchen bigger. As most kitchens have an exterior wall, you can remove the wall and extend out the entire kitchen. Often considered as an add-on, you will need to get permits and have the budget to make your kitchen physically bigger. If possible, this is a great away to make your kitchen bigger.

Downsize or Reduce Kitchen Appliances

Another way to make more space in your kitchen is to downsize. You can replace your kitchen appliances for smaller ones which will give you more counter space. However, downsize only where it is possible. For example, if you find you never use more than one or two burner when you cook, get a smaller stove. If you need plenty of storage space for your food, increase the size of your pantry and or refrigerator. Downsize wherever you can allows you to make more space where you actually need it. You can reduce the number of cabinets in your kitchen if downsize your cooking utensils and pot or pans. Downsize where it makes sense for you and what you do in your kitchen.

Colors & Lighting Can Make a Kitchen Look Bigger & Brighter

One way to make a kitchen feel bigger is by having good lighting and the right color scheme. When remodeling your kitchen, have plenty of light. Installing pocket lights underneath your cabinets helps provide more light on the counter tops and enhances the look of the kitchen. Making the windows in the kitchen bigger is another great way to add more natural light and makes the kitchen feel bigger. Of course, have good light overhead to ensure your kitchens feels more open. The colors you have in your kitchen play another major role. Use lighter color schemes and use dark colors sparingly. Dark colors aren’t bad as long as they don’t overtake the kitchen. You can use darker colors as trim or for appliances. However, you will want to use lighter colored browns, grays, and off-white in a smaller kitchen which will help make the kitchen feel bigger.

Use a Creative Kitchen Design Theme

You cannot hide a small kitchen, but you can make the most of the situation. For example, if you add a unique theme that has a small kitchen, can make your kitchen more exciting. For example, boats even ships will have to compact their kitchens. You can add a boat theme in your kitchen so it feels like you are in another place. Most rustic homes will not have a large kitchen. You can also take a rustic approach to your kitchen’s design. Get creative with your small kitchen’s theme, regardless as to what size your kitchen is. Once complete, you will love to be in your kitchen.

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These are a few tips when remodeling a smaller kitchen. For kitchen remodeling services and more, contact Straight Up Remodeling today.

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