How Do You Make a Small Kitchen into a Big Kitchen in Bethel, WA? Reconfigure Cabinets, Extend Counters & More

The modern concept of a kitchen is space! People love bigger kitchens. However, some homes are not designed with a large kitchen in mind. Some kitchens are rather small and do not have enough cooking space even for the average sized family. When you dream of having a bigger kitchen to host holiday parties and events, you can remodel and redesign your home’s kitchen to fit your dreams and needs. When you have a small kitchen, and you want more space, there are a few remodeling tips that Straight Up Remodeling has to share. Before we get into ways to create a bigger kitchen, know that each kitchen will have its own challenges and potential. Where some ideas may not fit your home or kitchen’s design layout, other ideas might. To really know your kitchen’s potential, you can always contact a remodeling contractor and see what is truly possible in your kitchen!

Extend Kitchen Countertop Space

Every kitchen needs space where a person can prepare and cook food, and they need somewhere to place the food once it is done. What is the point of making delicious meals if you have nowhere to put the food when it is done? To create a bigger kitchen you will want to seek unique ideas to help get more counter space. One popular countertop addition is a kitchen island. Adding a kitchen island provides a prepping area or even a service spot. For those who love to cook and bake, a kitchen island can be designed with an amazing cabinet designed to host your needs. If you have countertops that are separated with a cabinet, open up the entire countertop so you have one single bigger countertop space.

Reconfigure Kitchen Cabinets

If you live in an older home you will be surprised to see how new cabinets can help add more storage space with less cabinets on the walls. There are lots of new cabinetry that comes in many styles you can choose from. If desired, there are glass cabinet doors which also help create a more open feel to a small kitchen. Don’t need a lot of storage space? Then consider installing kitchen shelving which will open up your small kitchen dramatically.

Get Space for Kitchen from Outdoors

You may want a bigger kitchen and rearranging your countertops or cabinets may not do the trick. However, have you considered extending out your kitchen entirely? Most kitchens are put along the outside wall of the home. Many kitchen are also on the back side of the home which makes your kitchen the perfect candidate to extend out the kitchen wall. You can add on to your side of the home and knock down the exterior wall and extend out the entire kitchen. Not only can you have a bigger kitchen, but you can also take this opportunity to redesign your kitchen.

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When remodeling a kitchen, you have committed to a major project. To ensure you get the kitchen you want, consider contacting a professional remodeling contractor who have a ton of ideas and tricks to make a kitchen bigger in your home. For quality remodeling services contact Straight Up Remodeling today.

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