How Do I Redesign & Remodel My Master Bathroom in Enetai, WA? Best Type of Shower to Install & More

Home improvement projects are fun to think about with new paint colors, hardware, flooring and other aspects that will drastically change the look of any room. One of the most popular rooms in the home to take on as a remodeling project is the bathroom. Bathrooms are an exciting home makeover project to take on and can be altered, changed and improved in many different ways. When home owners are preparing to put their home on the market, the bathroom is one of the first rooms that is targeted for a remodel. Home buyers look for a remodeled, upgraded bathroom with good water pressure and other factors such as age of toilet, abundance of lighting and style of hardware. These are all popular areas that will make your home more likely to sell.

Master Bathrooms Don’t Need to Match the Guest Bathroom

If you are not putting your home up for sale, then there are still many benefits to giving your bathroom a face lift. Your bathroom is probably the most frequented room in your home, so it is important that your bathroom look and feel as comfortable as your king size bed. If you are preparing to upgrade your master bathroom, let your creative juices flow a little more than normal, the master bathroom is a space that is specifically for you and an area where guests do not usually use. Not many outsiders will ever see the master bathroom, so this gives you even more freedom when it comes to your creativity and thinking outside of the box.

Best Type of Shower to Install

Some of the more popular choices today when it comes to remodeling a bathroom is the shower. Your shower does not have to be a tub with a very plain looking nozzle coming out of the wall anymore. Shower options are endless in today’s industry and offer many different options when it comes to luxury and comfort. Showers can be installed with multiple water outlets, a variety of tile options, colors, sizes, doors, no doors, pretty much anything that will go along with the design that you are looking for. Not only do showers provide water, but you can also install a mister in your shower that will emit Eucalyptus oil, or even create a steam bath.

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Replacing your sink, hardware and towel racks can make your bathroom look like a new room. Towel hangers can now be installed with the additional feature of warming your towels. When it comes down to it, every aspect of your bathroom can be upgraded to provide you with a higher level of comfort than what you are experiencing at the moment. Contact Straight Up Remodeling to get a quote for your new bathroom today.

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