How Do I Make My Bathroom Handicap & Wheelchair Accessible in Manchester, WA? Roll in Shower & More

You want to do all you can to make the day-to-day life simpler when someone, or yourself, has limitations on their mobility. You do not have to skimp on aesthetics and luxury just because you need your bathroom wheelchair accessible. Today, we at Straight Up Remodeling would like to offer some tips to accommodate wheelchair accessibility for your next bathroom remodeling. For a safer bath and shower, there are many innovative products. It is easy to meet the features that will accommodate your specific needs the level of accessibility goals. Some of these features are listed below.

>Roll In Shower

A roll-in shower, also referred to as a no-threshold or barrier free shower, or a walk-in shower provides those facing challenges getting into a standard shower with independence. Your barrier-free shower features an opening that is flush with the floor without compromising luxury which is permits a moving a wheelchair in and out of the shower. You can have a seat or bench installed or other accommodation that allow a person to sit comfortably in the shower in the shower. Grab bars and handrails are other assistive accessories. Around the shower/tub is the shower surround or enclosure that best suits your need is an important feature. To complete the look engulphed with high-end stone tile will make your bathroom gorgeous, yet functional, roll-in shower stalls with beautiful shower glass.

How Big Does a Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom Need to Be?

The open space required for accessibility to allow a wheelchair turning radius and transfer space is an important as element in any wheelchair bathroom in accordance with ADA guidelines. The ADA height toilet installation for comfort height, hands-free sink controls or lever-handled as well as sit-down or roll-under vanity in addition to the space accounted.

Customize Bathroom

No matter if you are interested in a modern look or prefer traditional patterns, there are many options to customize the style of the bathroom for the surround of your new roll-in shower. Your luxury bathroom will be your own mini spa with the advantages of wheelchair accessibility, different colors and patterns can add plenty of dynamics to your bathroom and with the right accessories and hardware to complete the overall look. To make it wheelchair accessible, the professionals of Straight Up Remodeling understand the protocols and needs of remodeling a bathroom. You can make it stunning in addition to the bathroom being functional for your needs. The accessible curbless feature with ADA compliant grab bars, built-in shower seats, designer towel bar and soap dishes and caddies are conveniently accessible and safe, and secure to meet your needs and tastes because your safety and satisfaction is our priority.

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To ensure the remodel is done accordingly, you need Straight Up Remodeling, especially if you are looking for a luxury bathroom remodel and require wheelchair accessibility. With quality workmanship that will ensure your bathroom is built to last, look phenomenal, and provide you with efficiency, our team of experts are ready. Call us to get started today!

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