How Do I Make a Small Bathroom Functional in Burley, WA? Right Vanity, Lighting Ideas & More

When you think about the amount of time you spend in a bathroom every day, you quickly realize the importance of having a functional space. When you are dealing with a bathroom that isn’t functional, it can create a great deal of frustration. As you design your bathroom and get ready for a remodel, you may be asking yourself what makes a bathroom functional? Straight Up Remodeling is here to talk about functional bathrooms and what you need to make yours fit into that category.

How Do I Add Storage to a Small Bathroom?

As much as you use your bathroom and the many ways that you use it mean that you need to have storage solutions in it. You will never regret putting some time and thought into some storage solutions for your bathroom. You will need a place that you can store towels and washcloths. Also think about cleaning supplies and where you will keep those for when you need to clean the space. Another thing to think about are all the tools that are used to do your hair and makeup. Coming up with storage solutions for all of these needs will go a long way in your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Another big thing to think about as you get ready to remodel a bathroom is the lighting. IF you think about some of the most frustrating bathrooms you have ever had, you will more than likely be able to say that they have had lighting issues. Lighting is a big part of a functional bathroom. You need to have ample ambient lighting as well as task lighting that will help illuminate your vanity. You may also want to consider lights that are dimmable for those nights when you want to relax in a warm bath.

Choose the Right Bathroom Vanity

Having a vanity that is difficult will make the entire bathroom seem less functional. If you have multiple people using the same bathroom, consider getting a vanity that has double sinks. There are many vanities and sinks out there that are all about the design. You need to think about the functionality of the vanity as well though. Don’t get a sink mounted on top of the vanity if you aren’t tall enough to use it with ease. Don’t choose a pedestal sink if you don’t have somewhere else to store some extra toilet paper and cleaning supplies. Choosing the right vanity will help make your bathroom seem much more functional.

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Creating a bathroom that has both design and functionality can be a challenge. This is a challenge that the experts at Straight Up Remodeling are prepared to help you with. We will walk with you every step of the way as we work together to create a bathroom that gives you the best of both worlds. We know how important a functional space is to any given family. Call us today!

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