How Do I Add More Light During My Kitchen Remodel in Enetai, WA; Types of Lighting & More

Anytime you are embarking on a kitchen remodel, there are several different design aspects you are going to be thinking about and planning for. One aspect of your remodel that is often underrated by many homeowners is the lighting. With the right lighting in your kitchen, you find that it is increasingly more functional as well as beautiful. Straight Up Remodeling is here to talk about some considerations to ponder when it comes to your lighting in your kitchen remodel.

What are the 3 Types of Lighting?

When it comes to the lighting in your kitchen, there are three different categories that you will need to focus on ambient, task and accent. With a combination of these three types of lighting, you will see that it completely transforms your kitchen.

Ambient Lighting

This is the main light source in the kitchen. You will want ambient light sources evenly distributed throughout your ceiling to completely fill the kitchen with light when there isn’t a natural light source to do it. This can be accomplished using several different sources of light including chandeliers, recessed lighting, pendants, flush mounts and more.

Task Lighting

Ambient lighting is great in the kitchen, but there are times that you are needing a little more light to get the things done that you need to in the kitchen. This is where task lighting comes into play. Ambient lighting can leave your countertop filled with shadows and task lighting can eliminate that shadow effect so that you have ample lighting needed.

Accent Lighting

From a design point of view, accent lighting can have a big effect on the feel of your space. This is considered the cherry on top of your kitchen design. Accent lighting can help to highlight different architectural features throughout your kitchen. If you have cabinets with glass doors, it can be the perfect amount of light to draw attention to the beautiful glass in your kitchen. Putting some lighting on the upper crown will draw the eyes upward and leave your kitchen feeling larger. Undercabinet lighting can help enhance the beautiful cabinets in your kitchen. Undercabinet lighting can also work as task lighting too. You can also add accent lighting to the toe kicks so that the eyes are seeing the entire kitchen from the floor to the ceiling. This will leave your kitchen feeling much larger than it actually is and give it a bright, airy feel no matter what time of the day it is.

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