How Can Kitchen Remodeling Enhance Your Home in Navy Yard City, WA? Organize, Add Color & More

Do you look at your kitchen and think, this kitchen definitely needs a mood boost, a pop of color, an upgrade, or even a simple way to organize your kitchen to not feel so cluttered? Straight Up Remodeling loves achieving these kitchen goals. Following are some ideas that you can do to help your kitchen look a little bit more like the kitchen you want.

Add More Color to Kitchen

In your kitchen, you can add more color by getting new cabinets the color and style you want. If you don’t want to go that route you can always paint your cabinets the color you want. If you want to add an extra splash of color you could paint your island a different color than your other cabinets. You do not need your cabinets and your island the same color. Having them different can bring a fun color difference to your kitchen. If you want even more color, you can get colorful appliances to help bring more color into your kitchen. Then you can blend everything by adding some color with your light fixtures with gold, black, or natural wood.

Get More Natural Light in Your Kitchen

Let’s bring in some more light. When you have a kitchen that has light it will seem more open. If you can add more windows or a skylight to your kitchen that will help bring some natural light in. If that isn’t an option, then let’s try some artificial lighting with some fun light fixtures and under-cabinet lights. Lights under the cabinets can help brighten up the kitchen at night and help you see what you are doing.

Upgrade Comfort with Stylish Kitchen Chairs

Why not make a kitchen look stylish with places where you sit. You can upgrade your dining room table with classy chairs that can help your kitchen to stand out more. Upgrade the stools around your island to give it a more modern look. Another great idea to upgrade your kitchen is to put in a breakfast nook. Having a breakfast nook with a comfy bench can upgrade your home with a comfortable and stylish seating area.

Declutter & Organize with Kitchen Storage

Do you feel like your home has very little storage, especially in the kitchen? Maybe, your pantry is very small and you don’t have any place to store your food. Because of this, your kitchen feels like it is very cluttery and you can’t find anything. There are ways to help with that. There are proper storage solutions that you can add to your kitchen to help you stay more organized and not cluttered. Using the available storage solutions can help you find cooking supplies and the cooking utensils that you need.

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If you feel like your kitchen is a place that needs help decluttering or an upgrade, then let Straight Up Remodeling help you with your kitchen design and rebuilding. If any of these categories and tips are what you are needing in your kitchen, we can come and help you get the kitchen you have been dreaming of. Call us today!

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