How Can I Remodel My Kitchen to Make it More Pet Friendly in Key Peninsula, WA? Laminate Flooring & More

If you have a dog or a cat in your home, there is a good chance that you look at them as part of the family. We love our furry family members and often want to find ways to incorporate them in our home. When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, there are several pet friendly things that you can do to make your pet feel welcome in the space. Straight Up Remodeling is here to share some pet friendly additions that you may want to incorporate in your kitchen remodel.

Pet Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Features

There are several cool things you can do in your kitchen remodel that can make it easier to have a pet in the house. Following are some of the new ways that pets are a part of the modern kitchens.
– Built In Pet Crates: If you are one that has a pet crate in the corner of your kitchen, you can actually have the crate built into the cabinetry in your kitchen. This can be a great way to get it out of the corner and have the crate be more aesthetically pleasing.
– Pull Out Food & Water Dishes: If you have a pet, you most certainly have food and water dishes to make sure their needs are met. Most people keep these dishes in their kitchen. You can have them built into cabinetry so that they aren’t out in the open.
– Laminate Flooring: Pets often cause scratching with their claws when you choose hardwood flooring. If you still want the floor to look like wood but want something that is more durable, you can choose laminate flooring that has a faux wood look.
– Pet Friendly Finishes: You may want to consider putting stained cabinetry in your kitchen when you have pets. They can often leave pawprints and smears on painted cabinets. Also, honed countertops are usually easier to clean as well.
– Pull Out Trash Cans: You can have one of the cabinets in your kitchen a pull-out trash can. This eliminates the chances of your pets getting into the trash and making a mess. How many times have you come home to have the trash strewn about the house because your pet found a way to get into it? This will make that problem go away for good.
– Safe Cleaning Products: Once you have finished your kitchen remodel, you will want to make sure you are cleaning it with products that are safe for your pets. Make sure you look at the labels before choosing them to clean your kitchen.

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