How Can I Modernize My Kitchen Cabinetry in Port Orchard, WA? Paint, Reface or Replace with New Cabinets?

If your family is like most families throughout the world you spend a lot of your time inside your home in the kitchen and family room. Your kitchen and family room are amazing places to gather together as you go through your daily routines. Since you spend so much time in these rooms you may have started thinking about how you could remodel certain portions of these rooms to better suit your needs or your personal style. Most people that are debating remodeling their kitchen think about what their options are for their kitchen cabinets. The good news is that there are tons of different options available for kitchen cabinets. If you have spent time online looking at kitchen remodeling ideas your mind is probably already swimming with all sorts of things. There are three main options that most people consider when it comes to their kitchen cabinets and Straight Up Remodeling outline them below.

Can I Just Paint Over My Kitchen Cabinets?

Painting is a fantastic option for many people. Many people choose to paint their cabinets when they have a small budget they are trying to work with. The paint products on the market make this option more viable than it has been in the past. In years past the paint would not look good because the paint simply was not good enough quality. You will want to make sure you know what you are working with before attempting this project. Many modern cabinets have laminate fronts. Laminate fronts will need to be prepped differently than solid wood cabinets. When you paint your cabinets it is extremely important that you know what you are doing. If you do not paint properly your cabinets will end up looking terrible when you are finished. You may want to consider hiring someone who has some expertise to complete the project for you.

Is it Worth it to Reface Kitchen Cabinets?

The next option is to reface your kitchen cabinets. Refacing is when your cabinets are updated with new doors, cabinets fronts, drawers, and hinges. The frame of your cabinets stays intact but the rest is replaced to help you achieve the look that you want for your home. This is a wonderful option for many homeowners. If you do not want to change the layout of your kitchen this is definitely something for you to consider. You will not want to consider this option if your kitchen cabinets are damaged. Refacing your cabinets is more expensive than painting them but less expensive than replacing them altogether.

Replace All of Your Kitchen Cabinets

The last option that you may consider is replacing your kitchen cabinets entirely. Some people are forced to replace their kitchen cabinets because they are adding or taking away walls in their kitchen as part of their remodeling process. Other homeowners are not changing the walls of their home but they want a completely different set-up with their cabinets. There are all sorts of cabinet designs that you can put in your home that will completely change the way your kitchen looks simply by putting in new cabinets. You could also choose to keep the exact same layout and cabinet design and just replace your cabinets. Replacing your cabinets is the most expensive remodeling option we have talked about today.

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No matter what you decide to do with your kitchen during your next remodel, Straight Up Remodeling can help you successfully complete the process. We can come out and discuss all of the different options with you so that you can make the decision that makes the most sense for your home. Call us for a consultation today!

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