How Can I Make the Most of My Kitchen Cabinet Corners in Gig Harbor, WA? Swing Out Storage & More

One of the frustrations of kitchen use are the dreaded kitchen corners. In the event you have cabinets that are in a corner, you may be able to relate to looking for something and it is all the way in the back of the cabinet. The cabinet seems to go back farther than your arm can reach since it is dark back there and hard to see what else is stuck in there. When considering remodeling your kitchen corners, you can change up your corner cabinets into something more useful. We at Straight Up Remodeling would like to offer a few recommendations with quite a few options to help you maximize the kitchen corner space.

What Can I Replace My Lazy Susan With?

For the corner cabinet, the circular Lazy Susan is the old standby. You put your items on a round turn able shelf to help everything be in reach. It is quite common for items to fall off the shelf and disappear all the way back in the corner. With a more efficient alternative, getting creative can help you update the old standby. Concepts from the past can still have a place if you put a modern touch on it. You can have the Lazy Susan but have the shelving actually pull out instead of just spin around for instance. Also, you can get a better feel for what is on the shelf and bring the items into better lighting with this option.

Kitchen Cabinet Swing Out Storage

In the event you would prefer not to have a turntable shelf, you can create swing out shelving for your corner cabinet. To be seen easier and be accessed quicker, this solution offers you a better opportunity. In order to store like items together easier or select to have larger shelving that comes out, such as a drawer, you can use smaller shelving, like smaller pieces moving separately. You will want to determine what you would like to utilize the corner cabinet to determine the size and mobility of the shelves that you would like to use.

Eliminating Kitchen Cabinet Corners

When redoing the shelves, another suggestion would be make it so that the corners do not exist anymore and round out the corners. You remove the corner issues when eliminate the corners all together. Make sure to assess your storage requirements to help you determine if you can round out the corners and still have enough room for all of your things.

Kitchen Corner Drawers

A concept to consider is having a corner drawer. To get a good look, everything can be pulled out into better lighting and this drawer will also have a V shape to it. The contents will be within better reach as well. Where this can be placed is above the new and improved Lazy Susan.

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