How Can I Make My Walk In Shower More Luxurious During a Bathroom Remodel in Bangor, WA?

There are some areas of your house that are a sanctuary for most people. Having a beautiful bathroom to be able to go in and unwind is important for many people. They also want to have a nice kitchen so that the cooking and dinner time can be enjoyable. The bathroom is also a place that people know that putting some money into will help to sell the house. It is a way to increase the value of the house and people are more likely to buy when they know they don’t have to change certain areas. The bathroom has many areas that need your attention when you choose to remodel. You can choose the perfect toilet, counters and sinks. The other area that you want to really take your time choosing is the shower. This is where you go to start of finish off your day so it should be soothing and inviting. Straight Up Remodeling outlines how you can style your shower when you remodel your bathroom.

How Much Room Do You have for Walk In Shower?

The first thing you want to take into account is the size of the shower that you want to have in your new bathroom. There is a standard size of a shower that is enough for a single person to get in and take a quick shower. That is not always what people want and that is why remodeling is great for expanding the shower as well. You can change the layout of the shower so that you can add a larger area to be utilized for the shower. Some people will even choose to have the bathtub taken out of the bathroom and use just a large shower.

Best Type of Material for Shower

There are options in what you can use inside your shower space. You can use a shower that is manufactured and made from plastic that is made in a single piece. There is no way to customize the space if you choose to have this type of finish. Better options are to use a natural stone tile or other tile in the area. The tile can be used on the floors as well as the walls but it is important that they are well sealed and grouted. This will help to keep the moisture out of the walls and the drywall. You can use a combination of tile and ceramic or even plastic inserts if you choose. It is best to go over the options with a professional to know the pros and cons.

Shower Seat & Safety Grab Bars

You want to also decide if you want to have a shower bench in so that you can rest in the shower if needed. You also want to look ahead and decide if you will be in need of a bench for other purposes down the line. This can be for elderly that need a place to sit or if there are any disabilities. You also at this time can look at having bars installed for safety as well.

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