How Can I Make My Bathroom More Senior Friendly in Tracyton, WA? Curbless Shower & More

When you have found your forever home, but the years start to go by, you may want to consider remodeling your home to suit those later years. There are many ways you can change your home to make daily life easier. One particular area of the home we use every day is the bathrooms. For those who want to plan for the future or those who may be taking care of an elderly family member, Straight Up Remodeling will share how you can transform your bathroom.

Is a Curbless Shower Worth It?

When referring to a walk-in shower, many people never think how a traditional walk-in shower can affect the elderly. Most walk-in showers have a shower pan, and the pan usually has a 4 inch lip to capture the water. There may be those who may end up in a wheel chair or who now have a hard time stepping up into a traditional shower pan. You can redesign your shower and switch to a curbless or roll-in shower. When designing a curbless shower, often the entire floor will be tiled so that it slopes toward the drain. This allows wheel chairs or those who cannot step high to enter the shower. Another option is a low threshold shower which is like a shower pan but with a much lower lip.

Shower Seat for Elderly

As we grow older and develop physical problems, it can be hard to stand safely in the shower. Some of the elderly develop weakness in the legs, have back problems, and even struggle with dizziness. With these problems taking a shower suddenly becomes a dangerous task. To create a safer environment, many people will remodel the bathroom and add a shower seat. You can build in a shower seat that is part of the shower itself. Built-in shower seating is a bit more secure and is safer than buying a plastic shower chair that can slip and tip over. Shower seats can be designed with a luxurious approach and adds to the aesthetics and function of the bathroom.

Where Should Grab Bars be Placed in a Bathroom?

When remodeling a bathroom in preparation for the future, you can never go wrong with grab bars. You can install grab bars by the toilet, shower and by the bathtub. Grab bars provide enough leverage to help individuals stand back up. Grab bars can also be installed along bathroom countertops to aid balance while walking through the bathroom. There are many places where grab bars can be added and are very useful. You can find grab bars in a variety of colors and designs to suit your taste and desired look.

Senior Friendly Bathroom Storage

When remodeling a bathroom for the future, take the time and rethink your bathroom storage. Bathroom cabinets are often low and not easy to get to when you are older. Bending down and kneeling for those with back or knee problems is often out of the question. Consider adding higher shelves or cabinets that are more easily reached.

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When designing a bathroom for an elderly parent or for yourself, it can be done functionally and beautifully. You can have a bathroom you enjoy and can use with ease for the rest of your life. For bathroom, kitchen remodels and more, contact Straight Up Remodeling today.

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