How Can I Expand My Small Bathroom in Bremerton, WA? Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure & More

When you have a small bathroom that is in need of remodeling, many homeowners will want to increase the bathroom’s space. When you have a small bathroom and wish to have more space, you will have a few different options to consider. The homeowner can choose to knock down a wall and extend the size of the bathroom, which is a much more expensive option. When removing walls is not an option, there are other ways to make more space without the need for major renovations. Straight Up Remodeling will share a few tips on how to make a smaller bathroom bigger.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

When you do not want to remove a wall to make a bathroom actually bigger, you can make a bathroom look and feel bigger. One way to achieve this is by using a glass shower or bath tub enclosure. The glass enclosure is an effective way to prevent water from splashing all over the bathroom and make the bathroom feel bigger. There are a lot of design options when adding a glass enclosure. This ensures the bathroom will fit the homeowner’s design plans.

What Tiles are Best to Make a Bathroom Look Bigger?

When remodeling a bathroom often the homeowner will want new tile on the floors and walls. How you install the tile can completely renew the look of the bathroom. However, for a smaller bathroom, the color, size and the design of the tile can help make a smaller bathroom feel bigger. The first rule when tiling a small bathroom, is to use smaller tile. It may be tempting to use larger tile so you need to buy less materials and the job will get done faster. However, if the tile is too large the bathroom will feel even smaller. You will want to use a smaller size tile such as a 4×4 up to an 8×8. Avoid going to much bigger or you will find the bathroom will look and feel smaller. Along with tile size the color also plays a major role. You will want to use a lighter color and only use dark colors as an accent. The lighter the bathroom is, the more spacious it will feel. The design and layout of the tile can also help make a bathroom look bigger.

What are Good Storage Cabinets for Small Bathrooms?

One element of a bathroom that tends to take up a lot of space is the bathroom’s storage. Often bulky cabinets are used to provide storage for towels, hygiene products, and other cosmetic items. Often the bathroom storage is overkill in many bathrooms. Instead of bulky cabinets, consider using hanging shelves. When removing cabinets you also have the option of using a pedestal sink or floating sink or vanity. Hanging shelves and a smaller sink can give much more space in a smaller bathroom.

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These are but a few of the tricks you can use to make a smaller bathroom feel and look bigger. For more ideas or tips, contact a remodeling contractor. They have a ton of ideas to help redesign and create more space in a tiny bathroom. For bathroom, kitchen and other remodeling services, contact Straight Up Remodeling today.

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