Do You Really Need a Bathtub in Your House in Belfair, WA? Benefits of a Walk In Shower & More

A common question we hear when people are getting ready to remodel their bathroom is “do I really need a bathtub?” The fact of the matter is that there is no good answer to this question. It will all come down to several different factors that depend on the owner and their future. Straight Up Remodeling is here to talk about some of the considerations that homeowners need to make when they are deciding whether or not they want to include a bathtub in their bathroom remodel.

No Bathtub in House?

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is whether or not there is any other bathtub in the house. Most people will want to have at least one when they are going to purchase a home. A house without a bathtub will not appeal to many buyers because of this. If you have a bathtub somewhere else in the house, you may want to forgo the bathtub and keep with a walk in shower. However, homeowners that have no plans of selling their home in the near future may decide they don’t want a bathtub and move on.

Benefits of a Walk-In Shower

When you get rid of a bathtub, it leaves you with plenty of space to put in a walk-in shower which holds many benefits. You can add several amazing features like a steam shower, multiple shower heads and even a bench for a place to sit while you enjoy your shower. Some of the benefits that attract people to a large walk in shower include:
– The luxurious feel they offer
– Extra space for more than one person to move around in
– Upgraded shower features
– Easier space to clean
– Benches and grab bars make it safer

Does Not Having a Bathtub Devalue a House?

If you work with a real estate agent, they will tell you that most buyers will be looking for at least one bathtub in a home they are interested in buying. If they have young children, they will be looking for an easy place to get them clean. If they are looking for a luxury home, they will surely want a large soaker tub. It isn’t going to necessarily take the value of your home down considerably as it is going to make your home less appealing to someone in the market to buy a home. This alone, makes people second guess replacing their one and only bathtub in the house with a larger shower.

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