DIY VS Professional Excavators; Mistakes to Avoid When Digging Footings & Excavating Foundations in Poulsbo, WA

The very first step in building any structure or addition is digging foundations. Footings and foundations are arguably the most vital part of that construction. Without a strong and stable foundation, the building or addition will soon show cracks, water leaks, and other costly damage. Excavation work of any size and type needs to be not only more precise than you may realize, but it is also extremely dangerous. Straight Up Remodeling outlines below why foundation excavation and digging for footings is definitely not a do it yourself job!

DIY VS Hiring an Excavation Contractor

A professional excavator like Straight Up Remodeling should always be called to dig the trenches needed for a foundation of any structure. To convince you of the importance of leaving this work to us, we outline some of the common mistakes you will avoid by doing so!
– Many local building codes will dictate several details of your excavation and jobsite, such as the distance between your structure and any nearby fences, overhead power lines and easements. Even a minor mistake in these codes can halt work on the jobsite and/or lead to significant repair bills down the road, often much more expensive than just hiring us the first time.
– A professional excavating contractor will ensure you’ve removed tree roots from the site where a foundation will be poured. If the tree roots are not properly removed, they can continue to grow and wrap around a foundation’s concrete which can cause cracks, splits and other damage.
– Do you have the right equipment? Many a homeowner has rented a hydraulic digger, bobcat, or other such equipment that is too wide or heavy to access the jobsite. Renting heavy equipment also involves knowing how to use it. For example, moving a bobcat or other equipment too close to the side of trenches can be dangerous, as the edge can collapse under you and cause severe injury. Also, if you don’t know what you’re doing, lifting the bucket of a bobcat can result in hitting overhead power lines and suffering an electrical shock.
– A plan for the soil will need to be in place. You cannot pile the displaced dirt next to a trench as this can lead to a collapsed wall or landslide which can be extremely dangerous.

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Apart from safety, there are many other reasons to hire professionals to dig footings and excavate foundations as well as hire pros like Straight Up Remodeling for excavating maintenance. Call us today!

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