Causes & Effects of Standing Water in Yard & How to Fix Drainage Problems on Your Allyn, WA Property

If you’re a homeowner, it’s imperative you address any water drainage problems in your yard immediately, as improper drainage can mean serious damage to your home’s foundation such as water leaks, cracks in the foundation and even mold in the home. Fortunately, yard water drainage problems can be addressed with underground or above-ground trenches, improved grading of the property and sometimes by planting certain vegetation. To better understand how to fix water drainage problems in your yard, Straight Up Remodeling outlines how common drainage problems occur and how serious this problem can be.

Causes of Lawn Drainage Problems

If you understand the causes of common landscape drainage problems, you have a better chance of avoiding them or at least how better to deal with them. Following are common causes of yard drainage issues:
– Clogged Gutters. When a home’s gutters are clogged (or undersized), water will run over sides and flood your lawn. If gutters have pulled away from roof eaves, rainwater can run off the roof and behind the gutters which also tends to flood the landscape.
– Poor Foundation Elevation. Your home’s foundation should be slightly elevated so that water runs downhill and away from the home.
– Landscaping Features. Planting certain plants too close to your home or in the way of water runoff, can allow your property’s soil to hold excess water and moisture. Oversized landscaping features, such as border walls or even heavy stones can also block proper water runoff.
– Paved Surfaces & Underground Structures. Built-in pools or septic tanks can cause the property’s soil to hold moisture and not drain it away as it should.
– DIY Excavating Work. A homeowner doing their own excavating work often results in soil drainage problems. If you attempt to dig your yard yourself, you may result in compacting the soil too much, so that it holds water, or fail to properly grade the soil when you fill in excavated areas.
– Unintended Dam. An outbuilding such as a shed or detached garage can create a type of dam on your property, that traps water and moistured. These types of structures should be carefully planned so as not to negatively affect drainage.

Effects of Standing Water in Yard

– Standing water in a yard often attracts pests such as mosquitoes, termites and rodents that are looking for a convenient water source.
– Overly moist soil encourages fungus growth and other diseases that can kill your lawn, plants and even mature trees on your property.
– Moist soil does not provide a good base for foundations, so even small structures such as a barn, garage, shed or other such outbuilding may begin to shift and settle.
– Concrete, patio pavers and other hardscapes may shift and move when placed on soft, moist soil, which can result in these surfaces cracking or chipping.
– Moisture in soil can put pressure on an in ground pool or buried water tank. This can also lead to cracks and other damage.
– When moisture collects and sits next to a concrete home foundation, this can soften and weaken the material, resulting in cracks forming. When a home’s foundation is soft and cracked, just like a smaller structure, the home may settle and shift which can lead to cracks along interior walls, ceilings and floors, as well as along the home’s exterior building materials, including brick and aluminum siding. These cracks allow in warm air during summertime and cold air during wintertime which increases utility bills, and increases humidity and the risk of mold growth. Cracks can also be used as access points for insects, rodents, spiders and other uninvited pests!

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All of these are reasons why a homeowner should fix water drainage problems in their yard, as soon as they know their property has drainage issues. Call Straight Up Remodeling to begin drainage solutions on your property today!

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