Bathroom Remodel Design Ideas in Bremerton, WA; Farmhouse, Modern, French Parisian Style & More

Do you want to redefine your bathroom? When you want change, remodeling the bathroom a new style may be just what you need. There are many styles of bathrooms that can bring a new look and feel to any bathroom. If you are looking for a unique style of bathroom and are not sure where to start, Straight Up Remodeling will go over the elements of the different style of bathrooms to choose from.

Farmhouse Style Bathroom

When you want something new and unique for your next bathroom remodel, consider doing a farmhouse style bathroom. Farmhouse style can bring a unique element to your home. You may be surprised how easily it is to transform a traditional bathroom into a farmhouse style bathroom. There are old-fashioned pull chain style toilets you can install. Along with a vintage style toilet, you can find old-fashioned free standing tubs and faucets. Pedestal sinks or antique vanity sinks can also bring in an amazing element. Consider bringing in wood or corrugated steel to create a farmhouse style feel to the walls. For more ideas of a farmhouse style bathroom look online and see the many ways to create this style of bathroom to your home.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Ultra-modern style bathrooms are growing more popular every day and many people have taken the modern trend. One element of modern tile is floating vanities, sinks, bigger mirrors, glass enclosed showers, and free standing luxury bathtubs. Along with using modern appliances, tile and color is a major element. In modern bathrooms, tile isn’t just used to cover the walls, it is also artistic. Modern bathrooms will use tile as an accent piece and help bring attention to certain elements in the bathroom. Another aspect of modern bathrooms is color. Modern bathroom often use grays, browns, whites, or even black colors. It is important to use the right amount of dark colors with light color to bring balance and to create a modern look.

French Parisian or Euro Style Bathrooms

French, or sometimes called Euro style bathrooms, have a combination of elegance, vintage, and luxury. French style bathrooms will have elaborate trim work along the walls, windows and doors. The walls are often wallpapered with elegant designs or painted with a Tuscan finish. If tile is used, soft colored natural stone is often used to enhance the elegance. The bathtubs are often free standing and can be made of wood, metal or porcelain. The light fixtures are often elaborate. The vanities also have elaborate designs with framed mirrors. When designing a French style bathroom, the shower, bathtub, and sink faucets play a major roles. French country faucets look great in French style bathrooms.

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When you want a new bathroom style there are many to choose from. Each style brings in their own unique element while giving the homeowner plenty of choices at the same time. When you discover what style bathroom you will want in your home, the next part is seeking a remodeling service. As most style changes will demand redesigning the bathroom and a lot of work, consider seeking out professional assistance. For quality remodeling services, contact Straight Up Remodeling today.

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