Types of Construction Excavation in Bangor, WA; Digging Topsoil, Rock, Earth & Muck for Cut & Fill, Dredging & More

For many people, when they hear the word excavation, they think of ancient artifacts that are being dug up. For many people that have completed any project on their property, they probably think of the many other valuable ways that excavation can be used. Straight Up Remodeling is here to talk about the many different…

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Digging Trenches for French Drain Installation in Kingston, WA; How Wide & Deep Should a Drain Design Be & More

Water messes can be a problem for homeowners. Thankfully, with a French drain system, which is a plastic drainpipe in a gravel-filled trench, you can have an effective way to remove excess ground water. Whether you have a professional install the French drain system, or you do it yourself, digging the trench is first step.…

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DIY VS Professional Excavators; Mistakes to Avoid When Digging Footings & Excavating Foundations in Poulsbo, WA

The very first step in building any structure or addition is digging foundations. Footings and foundations are arguably the most vital part of that construction. Without a strong and stable foundation, the building or addition will soon show cracks, water leaks, and other costly damage. Excavation work of any size and type needs to be…

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